Do good website to link construction to do good nature to link artificial link

Core clew: Exterior link, it is one of searching engine to optimize construction main method. Can not rely on to link the rank that in searching engine, has obtained only, but the role with very important to be being acted in the promotion of the rank link.

What is link construction

Link construction is simple for, get the course that to you the website links from other website namely, this one process can raise the rank of your website.

Link the importance of construction

The link is built to SEO it is essential part, because at present the search index of the mainstream is propped up (for instance Google, yahoo) serve as the level that measures website actor of low quality with link quality. Poll or recommend what can regard as pair of your websites from the link that tripartite comes to. Because if 500 people linked your website from their website,this can say, so you are OK the website that regard as had 500 people to recommend you.

Are all links of same regard

This issue is very general in website administrator. The answer of the problem is not. Each website has the evaluation weight of themselves, this can make them voting give other website. The website of a tall weight linked you, their link value photograph is more valuable to the website of a low weight, the website of low weight may be a new station, almost negligible to your contribution. Showing a this sensational case is, hypothesis CNN linked your website, this link can deserve credit more, more valuable, because search engine to think CNN is an authoritative website, their news and story are OK and trustful. If CNN linked your word to give a search to bring,prop up a signal so, your website is worth likewise trustful and it is valuable.

The link of what kind of website is valuable

CNN is not the website of exclusive authority on the network, an example is only above just. The amount of the website of tall weight actually very breathtaking. You may ask now, how should I judge the quality of a website? The simple method of quality of website of a few differentiate is below:

Old website:

Often had jumped over more, old website is indexed more possibly prop up an accredit by search.

Page Rank:

Although I am right what this respect pays close attention to is very few, but this is going up somehow remain the good method that judges and so on of a website. The Page Rank that sees exclusively can see on the tool column of Google. Every 3-4 the month is updated, an algorithm that nevertheless this Page Rank is quality of website of judgement of true Page Rank(Google and rank only) a delegate.

Many page is collected:

This is another judgement that I like whether does the website suffer search engine gay a method. If a website was collected by Google many webpage, can explain this website built very long period of time and his in some way is trusted by Google place. Inquire a website collected how many page, can you input Site: in Google search? Shelfing  takes  Sui? to be able to see collected how many page in Google.

Guide in great quantities link:

Because through the domain name direct link conducts weight and accredit, it examine the domain name that how many link is checking weight to you so is very important to examine the domain name that has how many link is checking weight to you so. A lot of tools can help you check the link that catenary enters. . The simplest method is in namely Google perhaps inputs Link:x in, with respect to the list that can get a catenary receives your website. The link that demonstrates normally in Google wants than Yahoo a lot of less. If if the website has very much high quality to guide,be being linked so, these high quality links are more valuable to your website.


Discharge is the good method that judges website and so on normally. Use a few tools to inquire the discharge of a website is OK, google Trends For Websites, compete, quancast, alexa. Remember, these tools are not 100 percent accurate and the flow that can not show all domain names. (The website cannot be under the word of certain level in these services indication discharge)


A few automatic tools can help you judge the and so on of a website and weight, for instance SEOmoz Trifecta Tool.

How to acquire such link

Link construction has two kinds of basic kinds, the first kind is natural link construction, another kind calls artificial link construction.