Do a website why to want to take Baidu seriously so

No matter be enterprise or stationmaster, doing a website should look to the person. If nobody looks, so the website also was done in vain. This, I do not cite according to statistic of authority of forked forked department, how much does the market share of Baidu occupy now how many, I should list 34 instance in the life only, can make you clear do a website why to want to take Baidu seriously so, although these example have bit of absurdity.

In a list of names posted up of search wind and cloud of Baidu, a key word is discharged all the time advanced 5, that is 126. The person of computer knowing a place may be directly in the address column of the browser input, but still one major person opens Baidu first, input these 3 126 numbers in the search column of Baidu next. Before I discover two years to this funny thing is for the first time, with female classmate goes to electronic reading room checking a stuff, I laugh at her why to to input the address of 126 in the address column of the browser directly at that time, she uncannily say: Cannot remember the network address of 126, go to the lavatory more with Baidu. I find both funny and annoying at that time, but till now, still a lot of people do kind of folly, although they also are undergraduates.

I had made company station before, after making the station, phone company controller to let him look first, if feel where is improper, I am revised again. They tell to want to input their network address to be able to open their website in the address column of the browser only in the phone. After 5 minutes pass, this chief says with respect to wire back word the website cannot be opened. The one Jing in my heart, is it possible that it is the server gave an issue in this the moment of truth, open a website to try hastily, result website can be opened. I ask him network address is defeated by a fault, next ground of a letter spells another letter he, let his reintroduce at the same time. As a result his answer still cannot be opened. He is rusty, let my horse go to their company, after going, he gives me before computer demonstrate. The domain name that sees he inputs their company in the address column of Baidu only I was dumbfounded at that time, the website that just did, baidu collects you impossibly, say this also is not the address column of the browser again, you can open a P. Have a lot of people, the search casing of Baidu, regard as the address column of the browser. Although these people are business circles elite, individual asset is more than one billion three hundred and sixteen million one hundred and thirty-four thousand nine hundred and twelve.

At a loose end is dull recently, join this locality QQ to make friend group, this group miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous of 8, what person has. Those who have many problems, also have many answer problems. If somebody asks about me to think the dress cut a hole, how should do? Next immediately many people give out to reply likewise: Go Baidu search one. Does somebody ask that a water of cafeteria the fish that boil is delicious? It is many same answers next: Go Baidu search. The most abominable is I joined a website to popularize group, I ask Baidu the station K me, how should I do, still having an eldest brother also is such answers: Go Baidu search. I am not had really language.

The person that often perhaps does not get online often gets online beside you alertly, you can discover somebody can use picture of Baidu search yellow, how can somebody become beautiful with Baidu search, the home page that returns somebody to discover his was distorted by virus (change Baidu into other webpage) breathe out greatly my computer cannot get online. These things do not have anyhow surprise not to have, without number. Also knowing is Baidu changes essence of life return our much the person becomes foolish. If you discover this kind of fool is increasing beside you, you understood to do a website why to want to take Baidu seriously so.

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