Do a website to popularize the analysis that optimizes retrorse to the website link

Doing when the website is popularized and be being optimized, a very important parameter is exterior link, also be called retrorse link sometimes. When search engine collects a website, this index also is those who comparative is important, a lot of moment a new site, if do not have enough exterior link, the quality that perhaps links is very poor, collect can become an issue.

The train of thought that I do an analysis is such, a lot of friends perhaps have other methods or idea, may not is identical, here consults for everybody.

1) the fixed position that finds out him website, industry, and keyword group.

2) examine retrorse link, david Yin has introduced a tool last, examine retrorse link with Yahoo namely, see existing retrorse link amount.

3) if be in the 2nd pace, acquire one part link, so be about to be examined, those catenary receive the website of your site, its quality how, for instance Google PageRank is worth, still content abounds degree, whether to provide useful content, etc.

Above is to be checked oneself, to the analysis of own site.

It is to find appropriate site to establish significant exterior link next.

1) the keyword that uses oneself, basically searching engine, for instance Google, yahoo, the search such as Baidu, before finding out 10.

2) before examining this 10 retrorse link, because they are your direct competitor, if link their website, so find out those websites, and can establish retrorse link, it is a help certainly to your website very big.

3) the person that found out these potential links, establish retrorse link namely next. This measure has a lot of different ways, according to the site different and different, here not give uncecessary details.