Divulge accelerates the means that Baidu collects a few times

Little younger brother also is dish bird, built rubbish to stand countless, also fumble a few methods that went out to let Baidu collect quickly, not stint shares each friend, hope your website also can fast collect, my way station, also welcome everybody to give directions give directions.

Method one: Everybody knows weight of Org domain name is greater, and now the domain name of Org.cn ability one yuan, so the first kind of method registers the Org domain name of a phoneticize to point to your website namely, special attention the domain name that website side decides is not too much had better not exceed 3, otherwise Baidu will be factitious you are cogged.

Method 2: The domain name that PR is worth is collected is very fast, suggest so if everybody is rich, the Com rice that the flower sells a worth having Pr a few pieces (what stationmaster forum sells rice everyday is very much, often can collect bargain) the website that points to you, can accelerate engine to visit a time, so collect sure meeting to accelerate.

Method 3: In oneself website bottom adds about a hundred degrees of search, Baidu to know to wait for friendship to join, discover when Baidu spider visits your website you are in help the website that popularizes him, the meeting is good-tempered to you treatment ^_^ is ~ of secret ~ ~ this

Method 4: Know to Baidu, stick hair contain card of your website connective or question, but the attention does not exceed 10 join every week, this also is the password of in-house personnel divulge, otherwise the spider did not come ~

Method 5: Stationary point self, do not send so much, want to know come my QQ group 26922771