DIV and Table, after all which more accord with SEO?

Friend of a lot of stationmaster makes a station, like DIV it seems that, even if oneself won’t DIV+CSS technology, also want little of toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself to change modal table, because they think to search engine not to like the website that Table does, actually, after use WEB standard, not be to say those who eliminate form to use, form is not to chicken ribs, and as it happens is a dish of abalone instead.

Mention in a lot of article middling about CSS layout why using form composing is this unwise word, the likelihood is everybody has to his understanding by accident, here notices composing of a bit use form is unwise. We used a lot of years those who point to, come with form composing is unwise, form puts in the means that a kind of indication data is by root cut ‘s charge, be like my this website Zhuxianwg.org, do with Table completely, but what I do is very concise, most 2 nest, can need not of form as far as possible need not. Everybody can imagine EXCEL, form removes this to use namely, when having, information use form shows make us can clear legible, just use form so.

Abalone of so so-called form, that is to say if you can analyse a company like professional market in that way, when agile use form will show the information such as client data and investigation data, that ability is the dominant position that used form truly.

About other element Div, Ul, Li, Span

Generally speaking according to a few elements in XHTML standard, cent is 3 kinds big:

The first kind is me say design an element to assist layout:

What I point to here is DIV, SPAN, the main function of this kind of element is to use position of whole page, use all sorts of property of these elements neatly, the page that can let you behaves rich and colorful.

The 2nd kind I call structured element or call information the element:

What point to here is TABLE, UL, PRE, CODE kind the element is a kind of information shows with arrange means, for instance TABLE uses indication form information namely apparently, UL uses indication row to turn information, when need uses form or list, using these 2 kinds of means to show is well-advised

The 3rd kind shows is A Meta such, it is to realize a few functions completely, if fill,go up the META Keyword of key word.

The so correct design train of thought that accords with W3C standard is:

The design layout that the layout element such as use DIV+CSS will come to to make a page, fixed position, color piece, picture.

DIV also has the effect of disposal data, the Yuyanw.com here this website is done completely with DIV, the ID attribute of this website use DIV is OK the very convenient data that regards as to already named a DIV piece have stuff, such layout and collocation are very reasonable also, accord with an user to be used to.

So use WEB standard makes a website, achieve reduce the real purpose with redundant code, also be a process of information rationalize conformity actually, should use what element or illuminate with not by accident, do not become form layout tool or solve means exclusively to go. The analysis comes here, we just understand more, original DIV is not the cosset that searchs engine, as long as can code concise, clear, clear reveal the person that browse, give caller good user experience, no matter be DIV or Table search engine,can like. Did not forget, we make a station look to the user, is not search engine!