Display old and well-known family: How does ability raise Gu Ge PR truly to be worth

Above all display old and well-known family states, this implied meaning is simple the classic case that belongs to individual research, what to calculate to promote a magic weapon of PR, if you think batch produces PR, still use other method!

Cost of PR of job of old yesterday state rises 3, when becoming a link, my friend says with me: Laochen, your site value of a few days of 10 PR reachs the line on ability 3 ah, be true! I should be checked examine, how likely Oh! Another friend is more exaggerative, say: Display old and well-known family, your PR hijacks ah, the site is done again not so appearance, arrive how possibly 3? Actually ah, they do not know I did the work of how many to this station.

One has seen before be being written down " Gu Ge general at 3.26 4.2 undertake to the website PR value is updated between date " , because I reckon value of cereal song PR is in namely,the left and right sides undertook be updatinged greatly April, march 20 so the left and right sides begins to update an article! Basically be everyday 2-3 piece, the link that introduces 2 PR3 next (PS: Be like Gu Ge to be interested in one-way link quite now, estimation is the person that buys a link too much, gu Ge is flat give the weight of one-way link rose) the link that still having is 3 PR0, when a lot of friends just are beginning to become a link, it is to ask: How much is your PR worth, how much to collect, how much is Baidu snapshot updates time, site home page has first-class problem, hey, look for a link to resemble seeking a good wife, the requirement wants to be able to cook wash the dress to brush a floor, ask to be able to read again sing dance, actually PR0 can be linked all the same, of a PR0 that links this with me rise PR4 from PR0, I specific do not say which site, want site content to often be updated only actually, rich guest it may not be a bad idea, forum it may not be a bad idea, company website it may not be a bad idea, information kind website it may not be a bad idea, can link, if your station compares tendency industry, that had better be a link with the industry relevant, of such weight rise the meeting is a few quicker! Respecting my outside catenary, the link that I stand completely so a few, everybody can look, important is to be before Gu Ge PR is newer, a few what we should want to do!

1. exchanges friendship link rapidly, go looking for some of website that PR often is updated to exchange more, if others not you, be a place of strategic importance nods money to also be worth. Of course, those rubbish links on him website, the link that drags oneself to back down clutchs take out. Of course, the fundamental that Gu Ge likes is catenary goes out little, catenary is entered much.

2. checks a website to whether be put in a lot of dead links. Gu Ge is most be fed up with dead link. The be out of practice that likes you to go to a bramble fascicular forest, do not let Gu Ge go there oh. Accordingly, the modification that revises rapidly, delete delete, a week that updating greatly especially is controlled, gu Ge’s server can be calculated often, if your dead catenary often a lot of, that PR cost is impossible to rise very tall.

3. is published more achieve formerly, do not have a meal to also must go all out namely these days on of the life work. Write an article to enrich website content more. Go more incidentally QQ group, net of each big forum, stationmaster, moss-grown net is publicized, so that raise energy of life of website hit, person and PV cost.

The stability of 4. website space must have safeguard, did not let a spider come disappointed ah. Still check looks up a space to whether have the horse that be hanged, suspicion that hangs virus. If have, seasonable eliminate. This can be the vicious-a person of wicked ambition of reptile of song of block up cereal, what Gu Ge likes least of all is a website the horse that be hanged!

Face every time coming long-unseen PR is updated greatly, we cannot be missed certainly. If your somebody arteries and veins, be used well, a few links of others, your PR can have qualitative flight, my friend the line on station of a game 20 days, 15 outside catenary, have 10 are PR4 and PR5 among them, this PR is updated is to 5! It is difficult to raise PR so, difficult is how you were done!

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