Dispel misgivings: How does Gu Ge treat search engine to optimize after all

Core clew: The article is " Google is how to treat Seo to optimize after all " the 2nd.

Do not let a reader search not to wear north:

About website navigation problem, had jumped over simplier. Although Google encourages you to establish catalog structure, but you cannot let it too too complex, for instance need clicks ability 15 times to arrive at target content. The other navigation proposal that Google offers still includes to use literal navigation (help Google not only, also be helpful for reader; especially IPhone user, it does not support Flash ① . ) and offer crumble navigation (current position navigation) (refer to next graphs) etc.

In addition, google also discussed the website map of two kinds of types. The first kind is an alone page that is put on your website, the link that all article page included inside (if you are WordPress user, recommend) of ② of plug-in unit of use Sitemap Generator, the 2nd kind is file of a XML, you can pass it website manager tool refers Google(to recommend plug-in unit of a WordPress again directly, plug-in unit of Google Xml Sitemaps can finish this task) well.

Content is king:

Although not be media major one’s previous experience, you also are to content certainly king criterion this have hear of early, so I have illumination to it no longer, the friend that have fun at suggests you see this link: " doing good content merely is cook up " , this is opposite inside this problem has quite original opinion. No matter whether you agree with the viewpoint of author Jhon Andrews, this article is read rising still is pretty is interesting.

SEO introduction knowledge:

Since this is guideline of novice of a Seo, the importance that Google spent many writing to speak of text of anchor of use description sex and H1 arrive of H6 label reasonable apply. The main point that you need to master is: The content that gives you through using these label creates an outline format, but do not abuse likewise (same, because these label can change the size of text, can help a reader effectively browse content) easily with them so. About this more information, can consult this article.

As to anchorage text, if you need a tool to show the anchorage text of exterior link, can try SEO Link Analysis this Firefox is patulous.

One graph gets the better of 1000 character:

Besides adding concise ALT to describe to the picture, the good method of picture Seo still includes the file name that the picture depicts a sex (replace with Baseball-pat.jpg for example Picture1.jpg) and put all pictures in a catalog.

Use good Robots.txt:

Above all, although Robots.txt can help you control those who search engine to collect, but Google emphasizes saying particularly, you should use more safety precautions to protect your sensitive content. This kind of view normally very reliable, so you may need to watch this video: Move from inside Google the webpage content that divides you.

Robots.txt is not to the queen’s taste, but Google still is recommended use, still provided a tool that helps you found Robots.txt even.

About Nofollow: ? Before Seo of Zuo Oogle government optimizes a guideline to release, the popularity in many SEO community a view, think to use Nofollow attribute to prevent PageRank to deliver in the website may bring about Google to think this website passed sedulous SEO. In fact, google recommends all stationmaster to use Nofollow property now, ground of OK and special affirmation says, this won’t be brought to your website any adverse.

Perfect a website ceaselessly:

Of this guideline 3 pages discussed how to optimize the website that improves you reasonably finally, same, google did not forget to publicize the free tool of their oneself and resource incidentally.

These actor chemical industry that Google provides are provided comparative foundation, in the ending of this article accordingly I recommend a few articles that link about building a website, the means that they provide relies on chart and rich originality, believe to be able to conduce to the website that popularizes you.