Dispel misgivings 4 errors of the link talk outside the influence that connects pair of websites

Want to join groomed student more very much recently actually asking, seo is connected outside that is to say constitutionally actually, outside wanting only, connect quite much, quite good, rank nature can go up, the money that learns Seo is inferior to be being used outside buying, connect, so I wrote this to groom designedly documentation.

Wrong viewpoint one, outside wanting try to win sb’s favor to pile only, connect, the website need not do Seo, key word went up directly

This is impossible absolutely, just think, if so possible, we are direct the keyword that a few have profit profit sense is done outside buying repeatedly, not be to make money so very simple, the fact proves, connect outside a large number of caboodle, do not say to be able to have the effect certainly, if your in-house Seo is done badly, plus in short-term inside add outside increasing a share, connect, extremely easy occasion searchs allergy, such effects can the loss outweights the gain only.

Wrong viewpoint 2, outside Lian Yue has been jumped over more

This also is wrong viewpoint, search the gimmick that outside increasing to prevent group of hair, connects, whether is having a judgement technically rubbish connective program, not be to say to had been jumped over more more so.

Wrong viewpoint 3, outside it is good to jump over even Pr jump over even Pr Gao Yue, baidu snapshot has been jumped over more quickly

The fact proves, no matter Pr is Google and Baidu, appear now not very is important, baidu snapshot also is not jumped over more quickly good certainly, I aux would rather and one stands normally (by Baidu K) , the rubbish station that also is not willing to be updated every day with snapshot of a Baidu makes connection, alleged very much article says on the net, be done to join by the website of K with a Baidu, direct meeting brings about him website by K, in fact, this view does not have any theoretical foundations, the station that drops with Baidu K makes connection, not be a problem, the key is to should visit what station.

Wrong viewpoint 4, do not recommend student to buy join, such key word should not go up

Really, we are do not recommend buy connective, unless time is urgenter, we have the course that outside be aimed at technically, increases repeatedly, actually this problem that has a costing is, if you spent a lot of money to buy join, it is helpful really, but should have calculated, you every month buys join to want how many money, key word was done can earn how many money again, and buy join to have an extremely bad consequence, if be removed, did not buy, by K it is unquestionable thing. And the method that presses us, although commutative join is slow, but stable, and can assure for a long time. This just is right way. (Diyfzl.cn)