Discuss jointly: Discover Baidu engine collects a website 4 problems

The closest period of time, discover Baidu collects a few a few of my website problems, put forward here, with everybody deliberate, oneself study not deep to Baidu engine, say possibly to biased somewhat, say to get wrong place, still ask authority great excuse:

One, Baidu is in blame Zhou San, 4 give off website page

This should not be what problem!

For example, 10 articles that my weekday publishs on the website, zhou Yi Baidu closes completely according to sheet almost, and be put. I pay close attention to Baidu closely all the time to collect the circumstance of the website, all the time since, it is in Zhou San or Zhou Siling morning one, the left and right sides gave off a page to come at 2 o’clock, update often more, most a long time has more than 100 pages. Be not week of 3 circumstances that Zhou Si gives off a page, ever had appeared before, later very long had not appeared.

Why can you appear such circumstance? I think likelihood and website are concerned in the weight of Baidu.

The website insists to achieve an article formerly all the time, it is reprinted work, revised meticulously below, caption drafts again, accomplish content and textual and same place to be in as far as possible 2/3 the following. Examine my website today advocate caption, the day before yesterday Baidu is discharged in 98, rose today the 10th, the weight of the website is taller, baidu is collected faster.

Still have even if since this period of time, the website is diligent at updating, want to be in the home only, can write write diary and article hair to go up, the website is updated quickly, the spider of Baidu comes frequently, this also is the very main reason that website weight increases.

2, it is better that bogus achieves an article to be collected than achieving an article formerly formerly

This is I find the job that feel puzzled, several when my website uploads since half many month recently achieve article and diary formerly, it is complete oneself write, upload to also have half month many months, least also have a week, and inquire namely in Baidu search less than. Be like " the article that publishs in stationmaster net during National Day golden week " , " I am certain, all stationmaster are honest " , " face passional authoress sweet graceful, does everybody have a problem? " , " Hunan travels the website safety problem of the company " , " do not waste time on meaningless job " , " discharge, I want true and effective " wait for these articles. And the thing that a few bogus that pass the day before yesterday start formerly, baidu was collected entirely almost yesterday, be like " : of happy base camp? Cochlea of apricot of Zu of helmet of Xie of Xiang brilliant  abandons toot Min is Mu Hui ⅰ of dumb two teaching ā fights still? makes you free send a short message " , " 4399: The little game that belongs to middle and primary school and white-collar " , " 17173: ? Does discharge  cochlea bark is Chi of ≡ of lie of show off of male of Jie course of study returned take?

This must make a person right to Baidu engine the identifying that achieves formerly generates suspicion.

3, Baidu seems to have hobby to popular keyword

Eliminate Baidu to have a problem to achieving the identifying of content formerly besides, be like Baidu to have a special liking to a few popular keywords like. Everybody knows, popular keyword, the information on the net is much also, baidu also does not lack the resource of this respect. Be like the content that is side of a few entertainment, the director staff of company of Baidu of no less than introduces, this respect is in of Baidu enclothe rate achieved almost 100 percent. But it is these content, the bogus that I upload achieves content formerly almost Baidu is collected, of the and so on of concerned star photo that is like me to upload in the website, baidu already very much, but Baidu still likes very much, collected almost. Still have even if be in a few keywords with the most popular Baidu, I above listed concerned joy base camp, flying letter, 4399, 17173 etc is the before be being searched in Baidu pop chart 50 keywords in, baidu was collected in the day, and my achieve an article formerly, it is to disappear tardy however collect.

4, Baidu to doing not have inside catenary or inside the article with little chain is behaved hopelessly

This is the common fault that searchs engine, but highlight especially to Baidu.

My website is guest of a rich, home page besides 10 newest articles, of the article inside catenary comments on only have 10 only. I often update the article of 10 above, baidu is collected very quickly to 10 newest articles, be put, and to inside the article that page home page did not link again, did not collect tardy, and these articles have a lot of is achieved formerly, but it is behaved hopelessly however.

I contrasted the search of Gu Ge and Yahoo, also have similar case, but the time that those two engine just collect is a bit a bit slower, always method looks for it, and the Baidu expression in this respect is goodish however, probably this also is people searchs what engine has doubt to Baidu all the time among them a respect.

Above is a few problems when I am observing Baidu searchs engine recently, list here discuss jointly with everybody, also hope Baidu can improve the quality of the search further at the same time, the China that makes a to the letter searchs a portal. (Wslearner.com author: ? With respect to Lian Chang?