Discharge basically comes from Baidu stationmaster how to use Baidu to make money

Core clew: Do a website, discharge is the life root of a website undoubtedly, want to make money, must want to have flow, this is to placing stationmaster before cannot the big hill of exceed. But from where does discharge come? To individual stationmaster, search engine, it is for China, straighter white spot, it is Baidu! Pretty good, our website discharge, much still should rely on Baidu!

The fight of Baidu and stationmaster

Individual stationmaster the SEO to Baidu, the method has boundless kind, pure rely on a technology, a bit method does not have Baidu. Then Baidu increased artificial interpose, hit many websites, cogged, blame is cogged, of CN domain name. Chose to search the promotion means of engine, into in Baidu, be defeated to also be in Baidu.

Baidu spider is very clever, it can judge a website cogged, be considered as cogged, the spider does not like patronage. What so the first pace should go is to cope with a spider, understood the character of the spider, should carry this condition much simpler, after all the spider is not a person, do not have an eye.

Individual stationmaster also has idea, a good Bbs website, also have the member of hundred thousands of, everyday post the quantity also has thousands of, go up even 10 thousand, day discharge can rise to several, but arrive this moment, the issue came, baidu has a habit that is different from other search engine, it is artificial interpose. To day discharge the website of 30 thousand should pass artificial examine and verify.

The fight wisdom of individual stationmaster

1, had made perpendicular field, accomplish concentrated, major. For instance you become the forum about IT, do not do other content, must only. Wait collect stability, you are optimized again other, I feel a new station, you must of conscientiously make 3 months!

2, the most important, should have achieve formerly, beginning to be achieved formerly is not scratch, can copy the text of others, but also should see you can be copied. Not be to a word says: The world article is copied greatly, see you can be copied won’t copy. The modification with the simple implied meaning others, add your thematic idea, the article that becomes you then. Is papers of those so called Master, doctor paper also such copying come out?

3, page must neat and simple, compare the crawl of convenient spider so, this is very important also, I have two stations very concise, this concise station is for certain very the jubilation that suffers Baidu.

4, friendship link should pay attention to quality and do not depend on an amount, not simple ground is begged do, should do make a bit older station that is collected by Baidu, and be often update the sort of, such your weight that stand in Baidu are quite tall!

Individual stationmaster uses Baidu to make money want in the right wayLaw

The advertisement that a lot of stationmaster hanged alliance comes gain, but still have many novice stationmaster friends oversight another main item, make money namely through the search.

When the IP that comes to your website through Baidu, have below two kinds of circumstances, we can treat respectively:

1, the content that the netizen does not need you to stand, if you join an allied search code in the article, so they are being searched very likely through this, such we are sufficient used an IP to create the biggest increase for us (faced still earning brushstroke) , and also can let a person feel you stand this very convenient, increased good impression to spend.

2, they should seek the thing on your station, in rely on Baidu to suck after drawing discharge, can precipitate even these discharge, this has with respect to the station that needs you enough agglutinant.

I once knew a stationmaster, the IP of the website is not particularly much, great majority is to come from at Baidu, but a characteristic of his station is basic discharge can precipitate come down, the user is very active however, what there are a lot of users to write on his website not only is former achieve an article, and the income that brings by the user is very considerable also. His method was to join hubble-bubble of platform of game of a webpage to play Union.popwan(to allegedly the stationmaster of more than 110 thousand joins) now, add channel of a game on his website next, make some of conduct propaganda, guide an user to play game, indulge when the user among them when, meet initiative post on the website discuss, communication game result is waited a moment, even the user charges a cost in game when, he is OK still and draw-out quite sizable deduct a percentage.

Because webpage game platform is equivalent to an alliance, do not have any doorsills to stationmaster, can join at any time and place. Platform can offer play of many kinds of webpage for stationmaster, such stationmaster do not need to consider how to develop the trouble of operation game, give completely game platform goes doing, stationmaster should do just offer channel of a game on him site, guide an user to play game, subsequently and those who come is the addition with agglutinant user and income however rise.