Discharge analysis: Decide the 4 big main reasons of SEO effect

Make flow, the effect is best still is to rely on to search engine, how can you make the website rises in the rank that searchs engine so? How can you let search the page of the capture website with fast engine? Should accomplish above these, we are necessary to understand, what is deciding search to all alone engine collects the element with the rank, next ability suit the remedy to the case.

The 4 big main reasons that decide SEO effect are below, if your website can be aimed at these 4 respects to perfect your SEO, your discharge will have remarkable promotion!

Decide the 4 big crucial factors of SEO effect:

One, website structure: Searching benefit to read the website structure that crawls with the spider at the user ceaselessly is the foundation of the rank that assures to search engine to collect speed become reconciled.

Website structure basically is the content structure that from whole the program fits to search engine to collect, for instance: Not

Do a column to wait with too deep catalog, search engine to think: The weight of 2 grade domain name " secondary level directory " root catalog documentation. Of documentation and catalog when naming, better with phoneticize. Additional: It is OK that the website map of the Html that make and Xml crawls for the spider faster let search engine to collect.

2, become website content and corresponding key word the most appropriate confluence

Included the Alt ticket of the content that adds label of proper article caption, Meta, article to the webpage, picture among them.

In Baidu rank, caption key word, the key word density in the article has relatively tall weight. The key word in caption and Meta can appear 2 times, not too much, the key word density of the occurrence in the article is between 2%-8% appropriate. Additional: Alt label is added in the picture appropriate description picture is one of primary quality that optimize website personnel. (note: Search engine prefers the article that achieves formerly, copyright specification is added in webpage bottom, the link perhaps is added on interiorly keyword, copyright and link do not neglect when letting everybody reprint. Additional, scarcely should try the rank that key word of load one’s writing with fancy phrases has obtained) .

3, the keyword in linking anchorage character.

Everybody can ignore this one normally, establish exterior link in in-house perhaps link, the keyword is joined in the link. It is better that for instance you should discharge Zhou Jielun picture should discharge Zhou Jielun picture, the anchorage character that the link links in its webpage should contain photograph of Zhoujie human relations, is the picture perhaps issues one page to wait not merely.

4, exterior link is very important, the attention does not link bad neighbour, do not want group of hair. Carry out a proof, group sending is very bad.

The catenary outside building included: Promote delivery cost and free catalog website, trade concatenate, pay fee concatenate, with the link bait is waited a moment. Link also be Pr to measure one of factors. The catenary outside building should be Seo in the most difficult also be very interesting, the setting that links bait also is absorbing.

About SEO discharge change

Of course we also cannot rely on completely to search engine to bring discharge, want to understand the value that discharge changes, suck after drawing discharge, can precipitate even these discharge, this has with respect to the station that needs you enough agglutinant.

Than standing like, in early days, most discharge can be to come from at searching engine, but cannot all the time such, because had the site of discharge,be about to consider profit.

A of the site of all gain common characteristic is discharge can precipitate come down, the user is very active. Active user stabilizes discharge respect, this has respective idea severally, my website joined hubble-bubble of platform of game of a webpage to play Union.popwan.com namely, add channel of a game on his website next, make some of conduct propaganda, guide an user to play game, indulge when the user among them when, meet initiative post on the website discuss, communication game result is waited a moment.

Even the user charges a cost in game when, I am OK still and draw-out quite sizable deduct a percentage. Because webpage game platform is equivalent to an alliance, do not have any doorsills to stationmaster, can join at any time and place. Platform can offer play of many kinds of webpage for stationmaster, such stationmaster do not need to consider how to develop the trouble of operation game, give completely game platform goes doing, stationmaster should do just offer channel of a game on him site, guide an user to play game, subsequently and those who come is the addition with agglutinant user and income however rise.

Actually, no matter be,make money, need us to seek way of the other side, the method searchs was opposite, resembled opening a door, can see more landscapes.