Diagnose search engine problem from inside inquiring casing

Site manager tool and process of tripartite application are the tweak that obtains accurate search engine to diagnose, but sometimes, it is simpler however better. Nowadays, a few fast diagnostic proposals can help you find out meeting influence effectively you the problem of organic search function. You need not buy costly tool, also need not download any software, land what you need to do namely Internet and undertake browsing.

Index is the first when search engine needs to overcome big question. After all, your index webpage may be ranked and promote flow, won’t be ranked likely also and drive discharge to rise. But the webpage that you did not index won’t be ranked for certain. The person of great majority knows, through using the search in inquiring a dialog box engine browses webpage index measure. But, a few does powerful to this kind operation have to need to notice. If your website included 5500 webpages and site, indication Gu Ge or it is Yahoo already indexed 5500 webpages, you may very glad, but meet only glad a little while. On your website 5500 webpages and 5500 webpages that are indexed may not be 5500 identical webpages.

Recently, we helped a website keep clear of problem of a few normative sexes, they have the homepage of 4 kinds of different version to be mixed to index by the search. This won’t destroy a website, but the problem that this is authority of an influence website however. In inquiring list, use the Site that have and did not stop before WWW: Operator is a good attention, usually, it can tell you which search to engine index is not WWW webpage, which search engine can show the normative sex issue of the website to you. If Site: With Site: Yourdomain.com shows very different number, you know link of WWW of a few blame may be divulged, bring about webpage of WWW of a few blame to be indexed.

Site: Yourdomain.com -inurl: Www can show the subclass of webpage of the index in your website, if your website has much stature domain name, this may be diagnosed very hard. For instance, if you have those who call WWWW, Blog and Clients child region, , you need to increase in foregoing inquiry child domain name in order to find normative sex problem. Current, in engine is being searched with Live in Gu Ge, Yahoo, site: With Inurl: Applicable. According to your accurate in Yahoo inquiry, search engine may change its course comes Yahoo site browser, but it still can show the result to your inquiry.

If Site: Operator shows, the 9 million webpage of your website is indexed, gu Ge can show 9 million webpage to be indexed, but can show 1000 your specific URLS only. Analyse the specific part of the website for development, you need to tell well and truly to search engine, need of which one part undertakes the website examination, to finish this, you need a few alternatives.

If the webpage is in the specific folder of your website, you may be Site simply: Operator adds folder name. Use this to plant method and in Site: Inurl: Services undertakes inquiring more reliable, because latter meeting shows which service,be in URL. Can be in: Site: / Review and Site: Inurl: Review compares the main distinction of two kinds of inquiry.

Recently, the user contacts me, say she uses amortize in Gu Ge: Operator, classics regular meeting encounters a 403 mistakes. If you also encounter this kind of problem, you need to counting a hour, through exceeding the reorder inside 12 hours. But if this still exists, in you the someone on IP address may move a tool to send automatic inquiry to Gu Ge. If so, stop as soon as possible, because it is prevented,hinder you are obtained actual, useful data.

Site: Operator is the thing that I use for many times everyday, in next column, how does my meeting explanation use this kind of powerful tool to diagnose search engine problem, include amortize variable to wait among them.