Development of Google additional data observes

The additional data problem of Google is the SEO problem that gets attention quite this year. Had talked about what problem to be able to cause additional data before, talk about a few more thorough observation again today.

What additional data points to is snapshot of webpage of + of URL + date

Additional data is not to be aimed at a file, not be to be aimed at a webpage, be aimed at snapshot of specific webpage of + of URL + date however.

Where is what meaning?

Above all, additional data is the URL with specific certain, is not a webpage or a file. Mix e.g., it is same generally speaking a file, but it is two different URL. These two URL are normal webpage among them likely, another is additional data however.

Additional data is the webpage snapshot that is aimed at specific date place capture, that is to say even if identical URL, put likely in Google database in many version, among them the new content that a version is capture of date A place, this specific date mixes this URL + webpage snapshot, the likelihood is to be in normal database. And the content of capture of place of another date B (same an URL, older content) , may be to be in additional data database however.

So same an URL has different version in Google database, different date, new content may be in advocate database, old content may be in additional data.

There often is this kind of case recently, you search a specific sentence, this sentence is in the webpage actually already nonexistent, but once had existed in the version previously. This moment the URL of the version of that old date may be returned, it is additional data with markers.

The additional data impact to the rank

This issue is more complex, want particular case concrete analysis.

Resemble in front tell, same a database that URL may give to differ now is medium, the URL of new version may appear in the search of normal main keyword. But in other keyword search, it appears possibly also in additional data.

If your website has very much compensatory stuff, affect a rank likely. But if these additional data have a corresponding new URL + date version of + webpage snapshot, not big to the influence of the rank. If these additional data do not have new version, the impact is bigger.

Additional data URL can be updated

Can be updated, but should be compared by the frequency of new capture low.

Come when Google spider capture this URL when, if make it becomes the word with that already nonexistent reason of additional data before, this URL is likely by new classify advocate database.

Additional data can be put in how long

Complement generally speaking material is met surrive is as long as a year or longer time.

Nevertheless occurrence complement material is not the biggest question, if your website is new version already by new capture, had nothing to do with.

How to shun occurrence complement stuff

Beyond these causes that cause additional data besides the website that checks you, the link may be helped very big.

Matt Cutts once had said when answering a card:

It is not certain now to have compensatory stuff it is an evildoing. This your circumstance looks in me, just lack a report of PR and link. Your home page has been in our advocate in the database, but more or less were you linked. So I think your website does not have what problem, just our index database can choose one part file only, if more people link your website, the webpage that I anticipate you can be returned advocate database.