Detailed: The case study that the website is fallen to counterpoise and settle way

One, the website is behaved by what will counterpoise

1. Be alled alone by search engine collects your website speed to slow, normally expression updates time in snapshot, the snapshot of this bit of Cnzhanzhang will stay July.

2. Under one’s name of your back row of website key word falls or by complete take out.

3. If weight is tall you are met newlier close very quickly, several days of half moon do not see the possibility end weight activity.

2, the case study that the website is fallen to counterpoise

1. Content respect

Many stationmaster for better raise a rank, often add on the website some have nothing to do the theme perhaps grows end keyword, search engine for deceit, will pull drainage to measure, cnzhanzhang reminds so the center that become is short-term length discharge is pretty good for certain, but be not done for a long time for the website, you should know the search is very at present much is by what manage artificially, do had been in the eye that also does not escape to pass these people, do not scorn a search. Still have a few center to raise a website collect a page, add data bulk, and collect data wildly, such very short during it is pretty good, but such station is dropped very easily by search K, the database of the search often meets the content of a capture and him database content is compared relatively, the content that should discover you is similar or similar, light demote, depilate again, build meaning want to write the word that fills data, acquire as far as possible some of content related to the website, have alternative accretion, some of content that enrols a person to like major quite is copied on more relevant website, had better add some achieve formerly, such more denounce search spider to like.

The website is updated regularly even, had better be to be updated every day, such every time the spider will make a station, the meal eats, also like to go up you stand, eat every day. The artificial management that searchs engine can be the NB that comparative, do not want because of the search Seo to make a station, and should make a station for caller, make the page more the vision that accords with the mankind, concise air, convenient caller just is crucial, often see many stationmaster are piteous, my stationmaster was not optimized also do not have cogged how by K, this is the keyword that make a station likely too the reason of NB, a few popular keywords and contest value are more word, it is the end that the artificial management that searchs engine manages for a long time, artificial management is the NB that comparative, cannot despise.

2. Respect of website program source

Often do not revise website Title, keywords and Description, after searching engine capture, won’t show immediately come, want to have process of a refresh, website rank is caused to drop likely during this, search even demote, depilate. Still many stationmaster revised a website to construct, remember changing structure of a website, be equal to let search a spider to had come afresh, the spider should have creeping index regulation to your website afresh, the website catalog that crawls to your spider afresh, classification is entered ask for, this also is a when affect normal rank main reason.

3. Server respect

Server reason, very important also, the server is one of infrastructure of the website, in the course that chooses a server, search as far as possible bigger, reputation is better, do not covet small profit, and the choice is cheap, not " business certificate of business of telecommunication of appreciation of People’s Republic of China " company, such company is in industrial and commercial have Fakecha. Company of a few portfolio can be not compared, I had a client to choose the fictitious leader of the company of portfolio namely, I am in charge of his website ranking promotion (before the keyword is ranked 3) , leader ran half an year, website and domain name are lost at the same time later, also be not little loss to him. Saying the server is not stable, search engine spider is undertaking capture is mixed newer, if the website cannot be visited normally, the influence searchs a rank, weigh a website by the danger of K. If your website as it happens is put with a few cogged websites,be together additionally, these websites are driven out by the spider, not be among index capture, the website that brings about you is infiltrated together limbo, the website that affects you directly also is driven out, be absent index capture. If your website is atttacked,be last bits, the hacker is embedded virus code, the influence creates caller computer toxic, be complained to the search by caller. Search engine also drives out the website that contains aggressiveness, the family also wants the better service that improves a netizen.

4. Friendship link

Friendship link exchange is one of promotion means with commonly used stationmaster, friendship link should have alternative trade when exchange, cannot differ with your website kind of website exchange, illicit take kind, wait into the mankind had better not exchange, at this o’clock I have experience greatly. The amount that still has friendship link does not want 80 over, turn over surely more, not little even center to popularize a website, use group of hair software, send message in great quantities, short-term result may be right, but long-term word is put very easily into sandbox by the search, website not only cannot enter normal sort, still can be demoted to handle by the search likely.

5. Search engine algorithm

Those who search engine algorithm is newer, bring about a rank to drop, before some the normal rank that should learn to observe what detail place affects your website, change oneself account, let a website more accord with search engine level.