Deserve: Why is net of medicine of the whole people maintained to be in by Baidu cogged

Net of medicine of the whole people has favour to sue Baidu after forestall law is promulgated, antitrust of Internet of home of thereby Baidu experience the first case. But medicine of the whole people passes group of hair for quite a long time the link is ceaseless to information of rubbish of Internet come down in torrents, it is the cogged website of an one hundred percent, be being sealed by Baidu also is its have only oneself to blame, it is evil person brings a lawsuit against really.

Commercialize a company as, baidu is undoubted impossible very morality, to net of medicine of the whole people such dirty semifinished product, it is to rid the people of the evil. Baidu, why to want to seal net of medicine of the whole people, the evidence that provides from the netizen can see have the following reason.

One, join intentionally in source code with keyword of webpage content irrelvant.

2, certain keyword repeats in great quantities intentionally in source code. Although the keyword related to webpage content, repeat intentionally also be regarded as cogged behavior. Send what the load one’s writing with fancy phrases of one caboodle word that contains a link is together to do not have the article of any meanings.

3, search engine is joined to be able to identify in the webpage but the user conceals a character invisibly. (These including that use written language of the scenery that be the same as a back, exceed written language of small character sign, character to conceal ALT of picture of layer, abuse to wait for) .

4, the conduct that makes a large number of links intentionally point to some network address, right same a network address, engine of all alone letting search and the webpage that the user visits different content (include to use heavy directional wait for behavior, use group of hair software to send rich guest comment automatically, in the comment carry secretly is linked.

5, inside the website although a webpage is only cogged, this website also is considered as to have cogged action.

6, the website that the link points to cogged website, bear joint liability, also can be considered as cogged, but the website that the link on cogged website points to, do not count fraud.