Deepness analyses Baidu to locate advertisement advertisement gives the person of need only


Be in and hear a such word flies off in TV: Baidu one went to look up to look, it is so spring a paragraph of comic dialogue of late Li Jiangkun, alternate presumably on so an advertisement word, personnel of behind the curtain also expended very big setbacks, in this number suffers in numerous group, presumably consequence scarcely is small, although spring I did not watch evening, see the analysis of netizens later nevertheless, baidu is in spring still expended very great time in the evening.

Write in my QQ recently went up so a word: Let advertisement appear and before the person that appears to want to appear in him only! The basic meaning that the person that travels together with me may look to understand it, but still a lot of people ask me this word what meaning. The literal meaning of this word is actually very good understand, but if go to,study greatly truly very difficult, the time that I spent half an year eventually somewhat Xiaocheng, analyse with everybody today. It may not be a bad idea lets what those do not understand think to understand and understand not deeply to feel embarrassed again oneself with those ask my person is optimistic, ah. Analysis everywhere all advertisement, everything all advertisement, we often hear such word, advertisement involves a lot of trades, advertisement involves square respect area, learn as a result of this talent book shallow, study somewhat to the network only, all undertake analytic study to the network so.

Say the ad of Baidu itself above all, we know, there is advertisement on Baidu home page, the most place of Baidu gain is to be in the contest price rank of Baidu, while occurrence contest price is ranked on the right side of also showed a few ad, do not know everybody looks carefully, these ad that show on the right side of, it is learned.

The advertisement that is Baidu next is allied, the advertisement of advertisement alliance and the form above are about the same, I explain one by one later.

Finally is Baidu channel is hard wide, everybody knows to know to be stuck with Baidu in Baidu go up to have a few pictures or literal ad, knowledge is here, what knowledge is there here?

One, advertisement is analysed on the right side of Baidu

I had done a few tests, when you search keyword of a few industries, what reveal on the right side of is a series of service advertisement, for instance I search: What appear on the right side of advertisement is firm of a few ad, with advertisement and relevant advertisement, if I search: Travel appears also be a few travel agent, with the information of a few hotels. When you search a place name, the occurrence a few service things that also are this place, for instance: Beijing can appear a few with Beijing hospital, or information of Beijing some tourist attraction. Unless you search a word that chooses without gain really, otherwise the sheep that Baidu won’t let off to be able to depilate. Although you search name of a person, for example: Song Jianming, baidu also can let you pass affection to waste integral of your a few Baidu thereby to Song Jianming, the Baidu that goes popularizing oneself with this kind of means knows.

Brief summary: The means of sale of this kind of advertisement of Baidu, can say the incisively and vividly that learns advertisement to apply, this is only among them one part, the thing that I should say from the back can let you listen come more terrible.

2, advertisement analyses Baidu alliance (the person that this section fits not to know alliance only looks, understand to be asked alliedly circuitous reach the 3rd)

The ad that can show according to search key fixed position like that namely on this website of Baidu, can you show ad according to webpage key word with letting the website of others also be accomplished so? Baidu thought of this, (accomplish the earliest actually should be Google, because Google alliance wants to compare Baidu early) Baidu should this idea developed a program, this program can offer the code of a lot of dimension, the website of each website advocate on the website that puts these code to oneself, the content that this paragraph of code of Baidu can show according to the page extracts a few important keywords to analyse the classification of the page, show the ad of this type next, advertising keyword is OK by advertisement advocate oneself are custom-built, match automatically next by Baidu in numerous website media, also achieved the result that fixed position of a kind of advertisement puts in so.

Brief summary: Why to want ad directional, want to make advertisement effect the biggest change namely, let relevant person see relevant ad, let advertisement appear, it is the ground floor state that advertisement puts in, let advertisement show the person that wants to appear now before, it is the 2nd kind of state, letting advertisement be shown only is the 3rd kind of state before the person that wants to appear now, if understand these 3 kinds of states later, we are seeing a way.

3, Baidu channel is hard wide advertisement is directional analysis

This one bar is a the most interesting, also be now till a kind of when only Baidu ability accomplishs profound knowledge, the research fruit that shares oneself here today and earning (avoid others not to see an article reprint an article to add a advertisement here directly: All rights reserved day of path fulfil is diligent) , in network advertisement, can produce the result most, can produce a desire most, can produce desire to buy to look most, it is a search, if a person searchs a product so the will that this individual generates to this product place is far many the desire that the product place that when seeing relevant product than be in, reveals when seeing ad produces is great. This also made a lot of enterprises do contest price to rank, search engine ace is inside Baidu, see this business chance cannot be let off of course, they think pure contest price rank is returned cannot change this kind of business chance completely into money, how does ability apply this business chance completely rise?

Forgetting is on which meeting Baidu person is in with: Baidu you know such brand, and proud when, got another has the blow of a word of philosophic theory quite: Baidu one issued Baidu to know you? I think attendant at that time everybody is the interrogation of of the in the head for certain. How does ability accomplish Baidu Baidu knows you, this sounds is how not actual count a person everyday browse accomplish an everybody how possibly to remember.

Now, baidu was accomplished, I guess Baidu should be to do to dog system, dog the behavior of each user, had such an analysis systems, can analyse an information of additionally 20% according to the 80% information of a thing or a person, reflect somewhat on the channel advertisement of Baidu only this now, after knowing, Baidu can roll out the service with fearsome what.

Advertisement reflects a side: (marrow) for example I searched on Baidu on January 18, 2009: This cropland and I never had used Baidu before this, at this moment, baidu meets this I information writes a database:

Full name: Sealed age: Sealed type: Sealed keyword: This cropland Ip: time: X divided X second on January 18, 2009

Above information is me only guess, I think specific meeting compares this more, before me a few sealed, meeting in me the following Baidu is used in little is perfect, when knowing me adequately till Baidu, for instance I meet one day search: A such information produce likely inside coke Baidu: Song Jianming loves to drink coke, if I am more than the frequency of coke in the beer frequency that searchs in Baidu, same they belong to beverage a kind, so affirmative conference appears a such results: Song Jianming loves to drink beer, possible also in front is not person name, however an Ip, because the person on the net is not willing to use true name, and the network marks exclusively is Ip locates to the person this function returns very difficult implementation so, if be Ip that is very simple. But the result is same, it is information content changes only: like this field, like to if had such news,drink beer, when you some day opens Baidu to know or 100 divisions are stuck the information that when waiting for a webpage, reveals to you can be the information that you are interested in, for example: Because Baidu is passed,this cropland car depreciates greatly gather the person that knows you are one is interested in this cropland car for long to your data.

Perhaps you can ask, I use Baidu everyday, everyday the statement of search is not relevant, what does it know I like? Before answering this question I should ask you a thing, did the word that yourself searchs you everyday remember? If you were recorded,come down you can discover, the thing that you are interested in can occupy the 80% above that count to total search, as to those you are seldom the word of search, some time scale are like what occupy if really to be not weighed, baidu also won’t be searched only because of you one this and decide you like him.

Here still has a problem, perhaps you won’t ask, but Baidu must be solved (myself thinks of) , I am being searched everyday same a word, but I and this word does not have too big concern, it is working need only, sit everyday like me the bus goes to work, but I do not like to make a bus. Actually here has a knowledge, I can be in this knowledge I explain in the following article, one says only here probably.

The person that has learned Seo knows, the website has an idea that jumps out to lead, if of a website jump out rate is high, the specification has particular problem on the content of this website and structural plan, same, these pages are to passed Baidu spider capture to arrive on Baidu, as a result likewise Baidu reveals you your search, such Baidu also are continueing to dog the behavior after your search, also cut however thereby know you are opposite after all what thing is interested, the thing feels disgusted to what.

Brief summary: Written guarantee the advertisement that told about Baidu adequately locates originally, accomplished adequately let advertisement appear cut appear to want to show the person of machine in it only before.


Network advertisement really very interesting, because there is very deep technology content inside the network, as personnel of a technology, if use the knowledge of each respect adequately, so the world before you can discover a small hole was widened immediately a lot of, as to that: Let advertisement appear and before the person that appears to want to appear in him only! It is the state that a kind of adman place seeks, till now, only the network can be accomplished, in reality accomplish complete client fixed position very hard, outdoors big shop sign, expensive although be expensive, but also can accomplish only let advertisement appear, the first kind of state, also can accomplish the 2nd kind to let advertisement show the person that wants to appear now only at most before, also do not do the 3rd kind to appear only forever however, unless put billboard to big hill needle to let a relevant person look next, accomplish very hard otherwise, do not know technology of the following network can apply in reality. From this I produce an opinion, if come to string of 5 big doors, do interface to analyse user information each other, accomplish advertisement to locate that will be how perfect strategy next, but, unless 5 big doors are amalgamative,become, come true very hard otherwise. Good, write here today, the thing that should write is really too much, the thing that should share is very much also, share those who change is happier, share knowledge to everybody, make myself happier, happy premise is you leave a message after reading an article thank me. : )