Decode " the user experiences " the hasten of general trends place of SEO

Everybody is good, I am Qin Jian, what give everybody introduction this is a few point of views that I experience to with the search engine ranks the relation between to the user. Because time concerns, likelihood the certain sentence of the article is not clear and coherent, ask everybody to excuse me, article content all guesses for oneself, do not assure to be proper point of view.

Allude to optimize this concept to user experience in SEO middling regular meeting, what is user experience is optimized? Simple point says even if add up to an user to use through optimizing a webpage to make a webpage more comfortable.

I am written down so that when osculatory user learns this concept, object completely at the beginning, what calls an user the experience? Does the website that can Baidu know you suffer do not suffer an user to welcome? Searching engine is a machine only just, what can it know? But the observation that passes a few months and study, my disclosure issue is not such.

We are returned to here the most primitive went pondering over a problem, what is the original intention that searchs engine? Search index is propped up even if should give out the website that the user wants, the website that the user likes. So give no cause for more criticism, an user experiences good website behoove is welcome, since get the reception of the user so discharging advanced face is then should. Erect the difference on two websites content is not big, a website plays window N, another website interface is clean, you say to search engine to be able to like that website.

Ok, said so much gibberish, I think you should agree with my viewpoint, the user of a website experiences index can affect website rank really. But how is search engine to know a website suffers do not suffer user gay? Here basically has two index: 1, PV is compared with independent caller, 2, website retention period. If Pv follows independent caller smaller than jumping over, website retention period is briefer, indirect can explain this website does not suffer an user to like. Having next is another problem, the Pv that how goes obtaining a website and independently Where is caller comparing and user retention period? It is with Google here exemple, the product of Google is already special and rich, here enumerate a few products that can gather user information (be me only of course guess) , browser of Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google, still have the Google Toolbar that can say below me. Probably the part above is me only guess, continue to watch the news below me please, intercept of word of one later development comes in the process that installs Google Toolbar

Read seriously please: These content are very serious

If you use the certain and advanced function of tool column, so the pertinent information of the website that you visit may send Google. For example, provide the more information about the website to you to let PageRank function, tool column need sends network address to inform us to us the website that you visit. If you enabled network history to a few basises such as the record are searched and browse a record,provide the Google function of the service, so the network address that PageRank delivers also can be used at these services. Any information that involve individual identity accept the obligation of Google privacy policy. About the detailed information that tool column privacy protects, consult please policy of tool column privacy.

Believe you see so the pertinent information of the website that you visit may be sent when sending Google this word, had begun to believe. As to Baidu, think of Baidu tool column only temporarily, baidu theme is popularized. Next, you can say for certain, is the person that holds Google Toolbar and Baidu tool pen minority after all? About this problem, I feel OK to consult Alexa is ranked, a few elder treating before is so introduce Alexa to rank, the person that held Alexa tool pen only visited website ability to improve valid referenced data for Alexa, the scale of the number that has Alexa to provide the person that holds Alexa tool pen to be in all getting online more more next goes changing, reach finally the discharge of estimation. As long as the measure is adequate, can treat as completely referenced data.

After comprehending this when me, building wet chamber of constant of new station constant temperature – box of high low temperature () when, I begin to pay attention to the integral design of the website and user experience more and more. The rank that passes a few months rises fall baptism, I more and more the value that realises the user experiences, what still a new station that does not have weight does not want SEO is too apparent, proper can, otherwise the rank went up also fall down very easily.

The algorithm of all alone engine is in search to progress ceaselessly, SEOer wants to catch up with pace can prop up the most essential original intention to set out from search index only go pondering over a problem.