Data analysis: Long end keyword grows of the imagination even than us

The topic about long end keyword is treating customer of Hitwise government gain what I pay close attention to further is cause to think after an article that the name is Sizing Up The Long Tail Of Search.

The article is with analysing Hitwise flow data is a basis: The search keyword data of 3 months shows Hitwise recently, keyword of before 1000 searches contributed the discharge of about 10% only, keyword of 14 million search was included in the data of Hitwise, among them Myspace is the most popular keyword.

Conclude finally: Search length end should grow than anticipation more, keyword of before 100 searches contributed the discharge of 5.7% , these keywords included Myspcae, google, ‘bank Of America and Yahoo Mail. This number is a little unexpected, however more very is, before 1000 discharge that search keyword contribution have 10.6% only, and the discharge that before 10000 keywords contribute also has 18.5% only.

Through above the analysis reachs 3 conclusion:

1, the website optimizes a process in, when advocate what ought to adjust oneself of personnel immediately is optimize to optimize strategy after the keyword had obtained relatively ideal rank, go in the analysis that puts more energy in long end keyword, research and promotion.

2, a when promote website user the experience fundamental condition should understand website target user namely group reach an user to be used to. So, attention grows circumstance of the assorted situation of end keyword and change, the settlement with your very relaxed aux will be able to this one problem.

3, the entrance that most person begins to be used to a search engine to serve as Internet, the network address navigation that replaces a tradition, bookmark and URL back are written down.

What is long end theory?

Say simply, so-called theory length end is to point to, store when commodity current the field that show and channel are enough and broad, commodity produces cost to so that the individual can have production,drop quickly, and the sale cost of commodity is reduced quickly when, allow why to look before almost seem the product with extremely low demand, should have only sell, metropolis somebody is bought. These want the share of the Common Market that the product place with not high sales volume of sue for peace holds, can compare with the market share photograph of mainstream product, bigger even. The future of commerce and culture does not depend on traditional demand curve get on that to represent popular goods (the head; of Hits) represents commodity of an unexpected winner that however (the long end that Misses) often forgets for the person. E.g. , a large bookshop can put 100 thousand books normally, but Yamaxun in the books sale of network bookshop, 1/4 come from a rank 100 thousand the following book. The sale scale of books of these an unexpected winner is growing with high speed, beforehand the half that appraise can not take whole book market. This means consumer to be in when facing infinite choice, the thing that means truly, appeared to change gravely with the channel that wants to obtain, a brand-new commercial pattern also rises abruptly accordingly.