Data: 19 let Google search more effective skill

In these methods, some are well-known, you understand possibly also. But some methods are not a person hep, still be everybody knows a little but use rarely. The article will let you understand more or recall the optimal method that this kinds of a few can faster more accurate ground find the solution.

1, or. Google can search the page that all word word that searchs the input inside casing includes normally, but if you hope,this is contained only in the page or that word (perhaps have twice) , be about to perhaps be used with OR operator | Symbol (conduit symbol) , can knock clavier less a few times so. For example [Dumb | Little | Man] .

2, double quote. If you hope to search a phrase accurately, add double quote to it. [Dumb Little Man] the page that meeting fish includes whole word group only. [Dumb Little Man] can list include Dumb this word and Little Man the page of this phrase.

3, do not include. If you do not need a certain word or word group, add in front of it – date. [- Dumb Little Man] can return include Little and Man but the page that does not include Dumb.

4, close justice word. Use ~ date can return the term of meaning close. [~dumb Little Man -dumb] attainable include Funny Little Man and Stupid Little Man but the page that does not include Dumb Little Man.

Match accord with. * date is one is connected match accord with. If you want to search the libretto of a song, but write down this method when having particular words of song very useful. [Cant * Me Love Lyrics] can return what you should search to wrap around the libretto of head person. When you additionally the hope is in only a certain domain (if teach kind of information) in this method also can use when the search: [Dumb Little Man Research *.edu]

5, advanced search. If you cannot remember these operator, you still can use the advanced search of Google at any time.

6, definition. Use Define: Operator is OK the definition that apace gets word of a certain word. [Define: Dumb] can list to you one pile is opposite Dumb the comes from all sorts of links definition of this word.

7, calculator. This is one of usage with the most convenient Google, in search casing the input considers type OK to get computational result immediately. Most moment calls the calculator program in computer than you even fast. With + , – , * , / these symbols and bracket are OK make calculate type.

8, digital scope search. This is not the person’s hep skill is to use the number of pair of a certain limits to undertake searching. For example, [Best Books 2002. .2007] the meeting is listed arrived 2002 between 2007 annual and best book (the attention has two English period between two numbers) .

9, the search inside the station. Use Site: Operator can be in only appoint the search inside the website. [Site: Leo] can search in this website only include Leo the page of this word.

10, retrorse link. Link: Operator is OK fish link reachs a certain network address (URL) page. You can use Cha Mou advocate network address, it is a certain specific webpage even. But not all retrorse link can list.

11, perpendicular search. This skill is to be used, is not the search in all on the network webpage. Google provided the means of a few kinds of specific searches, the search inside the domain can wait in rich guest, news, books:

Map of search of information of catalog of rich guest search, books search, learning search, commodity search, code search, webpage, finance and economics, picture, this locality, news, patent search, product search, video is searched

12, the film. Use Movie: Operator can search film caption, if add,go up the urban name of zip code or United States and city name are attainable still the cinema list that is in this area and film show time.

13, music. Music: Operator can return a content related to music.

14, unit conversion. Use Google to be able to do sudden conversion, the code for instance conversion becomes rice, or the conversion between different money: [12 Meters In Yards] .

15, digital type: The algorithm of Google can identify the digital type that you input, so you can search:

Phone area size

Car identification code (apply to the United States only)

Committee of federal news report (FCC) equipment codes (apply to the United States only)

Round-the-world product code (UPC)

Confederative aviation management board (FAA) the plane registers name (apply to the United States only)

Patent date (apply to the United States only)

It is stock price even (use stock code) or recently weather forecast of 5 days

16, file type. For example, if you want to search documentation of.PDF file, Word only, or EXCEL form, can use Filetype: Operator.

17, keyword position. Below acquiescent circumstance, google can search your keyword in whole webpage. But if you think only,search in a certain position, be about to use Inurl: , Intitle: , Intext: With Inanchor: These operator. They can let a search be in only text of caption of network address, webpage, main body and link anchorage text (the text version that is used at describing a link) in undertake.

18, cache page. Search the version of a certain page that Google stores on its server? This skill can help you search previously or updated page: Use Cached: Operator.

19, the final result of life, universe and aught. Input this phrase with lowercase (Answer To Life, the Universe, and Everything) , google can give you the answer.