Controlling source just is crucial, staking searchs engine to do Seo

Controlling source just is crucial, staking searchs engine to do Seo

I am considering an issue all the time, I read so much article, examined so much data, although the result that does has rise but the effect is not apparent.

Then oneself changed kind of method recently, that kidnaps search engine combines the practice of old-timer namely. Effect it may be said Oh.

The first pace, make the thief program of a Baidu, much a function of the record, it is OK a key word that uses search of this program user, save rise to offer advantageous crucial font for SEO.

The 2nd pace, do a handy search casing that imitates Baidu to be put in the page that the website searchs easily and clear position. The search that raises a netizen is spent, know in oneself the netizen on the website wants what to need so, the content that is a website makes reference.

The 3rd pace, check the key word search related the Baidu in thief library to Baidu, enlarge the area of key word
Finally, will do content according to key word, ha.

A: Somebody can feel this method is very stupid, the website that actually you can give yourself became much a function (those who enhance a netizen to use is agglutinant)

B: The friend with little flow feels very injustice, be searched how possibly without a few people, unlike concern, you can carry stationmaster count () will induce some of antecedents want to be united in wedlock next, of course the join of a few friendship before is little not.

C: The friend with actually much station more easy to handle ha.

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