Contest price rank is a big decoy

Internet is very giant, many companies all alone through search to can invite a customer engine finds his company, not hesitate heavy gold goes making contest price rank.

Google objects contest price rank, because it is very advisable; It knows, contest price rank is a big decoy, can be abandoned sooner or later, next by revile. Why? Generally the experience that the use person of Internet has had the thing that uses the search engine such as Google to search his to want, for instance, what is the sun? , search engine to be able to be in automatically next its match pertinent information in giant database, then reachs the result shows in the client side. But, the may not that the user sees is most standard answer, and the content of standard answer special however after leaning, often want to turn over several pages ability to find, such, with respect to the people that has 90% the choice abandoned too troublesome. Accordingly in some sense, although search engine includes to contain a lot of information that use value, but, it is shown with planar space mode after all, unlike person head, can the assemble is numerous at the same time idea and clever light, the office wall that all alone engine still does not make search let you, desk and floor map gives a search to come as a result, turning over the average page that allegedly Google searchs the page to count because of what the way with this only user keeps namely is 1, 000, 000. Day, do not know the 100th page is the following really who can information have to look.

The first our conclusion is: Searching engine is narcissism, probably worthy thing is very much, but it is chilly to the user.

Additional, we still want to tell the Baidu that tells China. It used contest price rank. It is probably in the Chinese’s memory, baidu is a myth, have the tendency that exceeds Google very quickly quite. But, we must remind Baidu, your contest price rank is to be in I civilian.

The essence that contest price ranks is those who see search engine clear is chilly, resemble what when Google is being analysed before us, tell. The money that then everybody begins to go out than who is much, see the rank before be like special fairness to give money to be able to get leaning more. Be opposite especially the company, needed too. But, the user can understand this reason gradually, original search engine is to take by tens of thousands the search makes pretense as a result just, what can provide an user truly is those pay more company, but often the user does not want to search these companies. Accordingly, come from particular significance say, this is the practice that violates popular wishes. Everybody thinks, when you go searching a certain company, come out company of solid really another, although see the company that caption wants to search with you is very similar, but it is the company that you should find however, this is the decoy that contest price ranks.