Content updates frequency and search engine concern to let it be familiar with you

What need a specification above all is, the abidance of content is updated is the website is able to live with development most postulate, be a website is essential, no matter the user still searchs engine, the website that all does not update for a long time to impossibly throws overmuch attention, abandoning to this kind stands to death or stand to death definitely is problem of a time only. The frequency that content updates is representing the vivid jerk of the website, in the meantime, the frequency that content updates is taller, often also mean website content richer, the authority that stands inside the industry to building a network is quite important.

To most website especially individual website, the energy of website builder always is finite, the frequency that updates content always has certain restriction. So, from SEO (search engine is optimized) angle looks, ability of what kind of newer frequency to maintain to make sure the website optimizes the effect? Or, in other condition similar or below the premise that comparative, update with inferior frequency / the implementation that adds content to you can affect website SEO cause?

In individual feeling, a lot of websites are used when doing not have materiality content be similar to what the means of the summary maintains a website now is link, newer now, have similar consideration it seems that, partial website is pure ground is updated to update only it seems that even of course, those to update websites that reprint everywhere criterion not just it is practicable that for SEO such practice is on logic, but, where is necessity?

Had made station of a material before, stand newly, basically download is used, update 10 at least everyday, GOOGLE is updated everyday, and 2 hours can be searched by the user arrive, see a lot of stations are stuck everyday, update everyday so, search engine also forms a habit, know you everyday, come everyday so, why is big station updated very fast, content is rich, when search engine is done not have, every are engraved updating, compare, the individual stands, updating several everyday still is possible.

Updating pair of SEO is very important, searched engine to be able to have been aware of to collected essay now, although optimize again good, do not send an article to update, rely on to collect only, still be no good. The province gives time a few minutes, update oneself station, not better.