Conclusive strategy undertakes the target directs sexual search is optimized

Core clew: When to carry out a target to direct content optimizes the strategy? Define a goal when you, when patience evaluates a website to behave, this one strategy is effective. Of course, this one course is possible take a moment, need undertakes adjustment ceaselessly.

Content is optimized still is a kind of prolonged of better rank in maintain and achieving search result the strategy. In a column, I spoke of the target that start briefly directing content optimizes the strategy. As the elapse of time, although be successful content is optimized,still can produce positive effect, but it is not is kick and thing. It needs patience and practice.

Once you finished keyword research, obtained standard data, the website that monitor searchs relevant position and directional keyword, keyword to collect expression, when establishing the method that evaluates content to optimize a target, be about to decide the content of the website and directional vocabulary and phrase match rate at this moment is how.

Discharge is insufficient related the search that drives Gao Shuiping for the website. Content optimizes an activity to help changeover is clicked and visit quantity acts for the desire and trade just is the most important. To achieve this one goal, you must understand the importance of the word on the webpage, emphasize the importance of the vocabulary after the webpage.

Main factor includes on the webpage but not bureau be confined to is the following content:

Website navigation

Website structure

H1 label

Sentence or it is text duplicates

In-house link

I once had worked with a client, he wants to put a toy on SERP webpage. When us in the begining, website above the neither one in 10 webpages result is to be aimed at this word. But the classification that passes the toy inside analytic website, we are in website child example of a few toys increased in navigation catalog. But, adjust website navigation to give us a 5 pages SERP only. Want to obtain competitive vocabulary, we more need further.

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