Concise and analytic: The true meaning that the website optimizes

  The true meaning that the website optimizes

The reasonable design that the website is optimized even if adopts the element such as content of layout of structure of pair of website functions, website, webpage, website, make website content and type of function reveal one’s true features are achieved friendly to the user the optimal effect that publicizes promotion easily, produce the network sale value of the website adequately.

   The meaning incorporate that the website optimizes a design is in 3 respects: Optimize to the user, to network environment (search engine) optimize, and optimize to what website operation safeguards.

(1) optimize to the user:

Pass a website optimize a design, the user can browse the service of the information of the website, use website conveniently. Incorporate is: It is with user demand oriented, website navigation is convenient, the webpage downloads speed as far as possible fast, webpage distribution is equitable and suit to save, print, transmit, website information is rich, significant, conduce to an user producing trust.

(2) to network environment (search engine) optimize:

For the angle that popularizes a website in order to carry search engine, through optimizing the website of the design to make the search makes the fundamental news that props up successful capture website, when retrieving through searching engine when the user, the website summary information that the enterprise expects appears in good place, the user can discover concerned message and arouse interest, click search result thereby and achieve a website to get further information, till become true customer. The expressional form that optimizes to network environment is: Suit to search engine retrieval (search engine is optimized) , facilitate accumulate resource of network sale website (wait like advertisement of crossing-over link, crossing-over) .

(3) optimize to what website operation safeguards:

Website operation personnel is convenient undertake website management is safeguarded (daily news is updated, safeguard, correcting upgrades) , be helpful for the application of all sorts of network sale methods, and can accumulate valuable network sale resource (obtain and management registers user resource to wait) .

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