Compose of newest rank secret recipe builds your Internet brand construction

Core clew: So Google is the old brand that how judges these lines to fall, is the website that raises them ranked?

Shared Google to rank the newest trend in algorithm with everybody yesterday, raise old brand website to rank considerably.

Some people think website of old brand company, original rank should have been compared, but feasibility condition is not complete and actually such. Have the website of a lot of old brands, with respect to search engine rank, honest undeserved also be by the platoon in front. This is not those who say their SEO is bad, however the website content of a lot of big companies is very sodden, use a sex easily very poor.

The word of a few wider extensive, really should old brand discharges advanced face. If do not have, not be the problem of these companies, search the question of engine however. Search airline ticket with Chinese for instance, everybody can go Google looks, those who discharge advanced 3-4 page is to carry Cheng, go where, Yi Long sell airline ticket, or the price is comparative, or pure website stands, cannot see true airline website.

Should say the user is not to looking for airline certainly, also may be to looking for the website that order a ticket, pure website stands or want to look for a comment to wait, mix in the first page so give out these content, it is normal also be should. But before a few pages website of neither one airline, this searchs engine algorithm to have some of problem namely.

These airline websites if (it is really actually) content is wrong, use sexual difference easily, search engine is chilly, rely on page dependency and link to be less than with respect to the platoon in front. This algorithm revises Google, likelihood meaning the performance that improving this aspect, give a line next old brands special processing.

So Google is the old brand that how judges these lines to fall, is the website that raises them ranked? At present a few kinds guess, include:

The content on comprehensive consideration net alludes the frequency of brand name, and not just link of be confined to. Want brand name to appear on the net only, showing brand strength.

The frequency that the brand in socialization website is alluded, only normally old brand ability is alluded extensively and discuss.

In searching a word, the dependency of brand name and industry keyword. The time that searchs the SEO that choose stone or Zac SEO for instance is very much, the likelihood means bit of stone and Zac is the old brand that has relevant couplet with SEO.

The frequency that specific brand name is searched, a bit similar news and user attention are spent.

Semantic dependency is analysed. In the page related to some kind of industry or topic, a large number of occurrence when a certain brand, this brand is contacted with specific industry posture. Be in for instance related a lot of computer in the page, appear the sentence that I bought a stage to wear Er and so on, dai Er this word is not a link, computer also is on bad terms to be concerned directly on literal. But because be analysed related semantics, can know Dai Er this brand and computer are linked together cheek by jowl. Again for instance Baidu this next one words, often appear on the page that concerns with the search.

Large area breaks out news, picture, video to wait, the brand that means place possibly also to involve is an old brand, because only old brand just has enough money to advertise, the attention that lifts mainstream media fries news.

The website that perhaps is Google examines unit, artificial set what website is old brand?

Of course these just guess just, without thorough data support. After all this phenomenon just appears before long, do not have the government to affirm more. Above just inspires everybody train of thought just.