Compatriots SEOer does not want bureau be confined to to play paronomasia

Compatriots SEOer does not want bureau be confined to to play paronomasia

The other day with group in a friend communication that makes English SEO, before take second place Shi Xiaorui pays close attention to English SEO lesser, because English level is to remain to rise really,be, 2 it is time really finite, study the domain has not been involved. Through this this communication and the example that stand actually in English Google and Yahoo to English behave analysis and observation, farewell remembers ferial inscribe with the word that communicates between the friend, deep feeling shares the following in this and everybody more quite:

1, why to want with so title as caption? Because,be opposite with English SEO for, of home let me astonish simply to Chinese is obsessed with broad and profoundly, especially the abecedarian that engine of rife SEO search optimizes people, communicate the certain topic of SEO via often can having a few friends and me, how should be the TITLE that answering those who think what ask unexpectedly is most is me written? My description how, it how keep gift is good to how keep gift? I it is better that should be this key word put over? How should be this my keyword done decorate? Keyword density how many appropriate? External does anchorage dot need a setting to be a keyword? Have more very person ask about to SEO | – , , it is better that is that put between the keyword? Etc. . . I cannot solve some problems really, because be really too the thing of detail, a lot of I did not go personal experiment, also cannot experiment, as a whole for the influence of the thing of these special detail is very small, if be the focus centrally every day above these problems, the study that be afraid is a very special and lengthy process.

Had turned round to want, true the problem that besides paronomasia I appear to did not think of other and special engrave again. Arrive hard is SEO paronomasia merely really? So the friend that learns Chinese should be optimized ace, but not be in fact such. We often can see, rife Chinese website undertakes the accumulation of a large number of key word will realize the angle to the rank, although benign optimizing its to optimize a trace also is very apparent, but of comparative English website optimize gimmick to look, this I basically analysed the commercial family status of a few BTOB, the Babana in A is planted the website of the type, their keyword may be quite long end, I uncannily see in domain of a certain keyword this website is almost all the position of before forestall Google 8, this is a how astonishing number, may be the cause with my bad English however, we see their website page cannot see any key word emphasize the phenomenon of accumulation unexpectedly, I also analysed this next sites the in word of a certain industry key word density of a certain page, very average, combination maintains all key word to be controlled in 3 % , a quite average number, likelihood this also is English long end is relatively easy reflect Hoho ~ passes an analysis, the individual feels what English website pays attention to structural whole and code particularly to optimize, cooperate its the Sem result that tall PR assures whole thereby, this ask the crane also is mentioned somewhat when analysing Seochat, the application of H1 made sure the outstanding sex of webpage key also satisfied the need that Ue user experiences already, here I not by want to say this ability calls detail. No matter foreign Seo site is the integral structure in whole website or the administrative levels sex that there is very apparent crucial weight in a certain page, it is a key in other words particularly outstanding, be good at application the advantage of in-house link and code itself will reflect value and be not is blindly nit-pick on words! Home’s very so much Seo people always feel Seo is drab!

2. said the a bitth, very natural amplify went out at 2 o’clock, domestic friend often takes detail seriously too too and oversight whole and commercial value. This is compatriots it seems that the common fault in each domains, in some technology of a certain domain, the technical level of compatriots is the world is banner, but resemble once compatriots can build gunpowder, was beaten by foreigner however the buttock, can build the world’s biggest wooden vessel to be bullied by others however door mouth

The fact is such, the thing that compatriots often values deep arrangement too and the conformity application of oversight, the research that pursues SEO technology all the time like a lot of friends is short of oversight SEO searchs engine to optimize is a service originally at Sem, belong to sale category, oversight the phase that those who stay in key word research return after whole applies as a result to learn very long period of time at be in, I say to search engine to optimize with the friend all the time is integrated to having resource application, the society calls resource to often compare creation resource many simple, anticipate in domain of a certain technology not paragraph the length that the breakthrough is inferior to learning how to take another person is used for me, SEO conformity is crucial, detail is crucial, itself attributes sale. The phase that so I hope everybody does not stop to studying how a certain punctuation mark is used merely and should great walk out of sandbox to view the world, just know so it is such vast!

Above 2 o’clock is to pass contrast my feeling is most, of course technical respect also has rife lays bare, here did not say more. Still having a bit of course is him want English of good good take lessons after school or work, learn SEO skill of abroad, inside the following very long period of time, seo of English of study of metropolis with great concentration applies Shi Xiaorui, can be in experience at any time my rich guest and everybody are shared, arrive today here.

Author: Shi Xiaorui

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