Compare apace to raise 10 when website PR is worth efficient way

Core clew: The PR of the website, it is the mark of webpage importance, believe everybody has kind of mysterious face guard to PR. Raise PR, the simplest way does the friendship of high quality to link namely. What is meant by high quality, PR of the other side is taller than you, visit of spider of the other side is frequent.

1. Content has been done

This is premise. Content became good nature is absorbing, can tarry person, the person has been enraged, search engine pays close attention to you of course.

2. Website structure has been optimized

Website structure should optimize make Google and other search engine easy retrieve. With respect to OK.

3. The page has been optimized

The page is optimized include page layout to optimize, page text composition is handled, the picture is optimized etc, detail is more.

The website is optimized is not all-purpose, the webpage that it just lets you lets Google retrieval more easily just.

Optimize the keyword platoon that can let random impossibly to be before Google search result through the website commonly.

4. Label is optimized

Gu Ge is collected entirely almost to label, neiwenduo is good at using label, does the webpage embed a webpage how bad?

5. Individual character autograph

the autograph of individual character of address make it of the website, to forum amuse oneself, hair (time) stick much, the remembers you possibly network address when taking a picture.

6. Become friendship link

This is the basiccest measure. Can raise website PR to be ranked to world Alexa not only very useful also. Do and the station with him tall PR, notice station of the other side has even was not punished by search engine.

7. Catalog website is collected

Refer your individual website to DMOZ.

Of DMOZ collect time to need a few months or half an year, need to await patiently. After DMOZ is collected, be equivalent to the link that becomes for the website homepage of 3 with 10 PR.

8. User demand

Wanting to do PR, and wanting to do good content, make good service for the user, one day suddenly you had had the PR that exceeds you to expect to be worth with respect to meeting discovery

9. Article promotion

Do more a few, discharge compares tall link, the website is updated in time, had better achieve formerly! Than what be like and so on of a few articles.

Go more additionally big website sends a card, did not forget, do catenary to receive a website ah sound the thing that seems to want to do is very much, other of your hour can have done him, hard stationmaster!

10. Of content achieve a gender formerly

Search engine now go weighing a technology very advanced. A friend did a test, small to from revise a caption, arrive greatly of a content 90% changed, but the eye that escapes to search engine nevertheless.