Company of simple and graphic IDC undertakes the webpage is optimized (SEO) method

Country’s major now IDC company is with simple sale mode (post of hair of phone sale, forum, Baidu / rank of Google contest price) come to those who have business extend. These means or are cost too big effect not beautiful (phone sale) , or is effects very small (forum hair post) , or is expenditure cannot accuse and (Baidu / Google contest price is ranked) . Below company of simple and graphic IDC undertakes the characteristic of the trade of experience recombine IDC that I make IDC a few this years encircle a website to optimize according to me free market sale promotion.

Above all the first pace, wanting what sale must want to affirm you want sale is what content, for instance I want to had become the relevant key word of IDC namely when IDC is encircled, still have leader besides IDC hire of mandatory, lead plane, server is hire of mandatory, server, fictitious lead plane, the domain name is registered etc, these are general to IDC company, of individual to basically be being done province can add province master to be key word again.

Below illustrate:

The first, inquiry of Google key word


Give typical examples: Lead plane is mandatory

Attention spends tall coloured part strip to grow, the rest may be deduced by analogy of other key word.

At the same time still a kind of means can offer referenced capture key word, a few Baidu lift to follow the operation cut screen of Google below:

Baidu cut screen:

Google cut screen:

Baidu cut screen:

Google cut screen:

Other key word is OK also the rest may be deduced by analogy, here is narrated more no longer.

Be about to consider how to optimize the webpage of the website next.

The website that I use below is made optimize example, IDC company can make according to oneself circumstance adjust: If my advocate is made secondhand of Cisco equipment, so design of my webpage key word is relevant key word for certain.

It is Title above all

" Title " China of promotion of grand letter network is secondhand _ of Cisco equipment value is secondhand CISCO reclaims / rent / add protects / sell / debug: Secondhand CISCO road by implement, secondhand CISCO switching equipment, secondhand PIX firewall, IP phone, module, memory shines put, wire cable " / Title “

It is META next, basically be the seniority that has the introduction and key word in the light of the website

" since network of META Content= grand letter held water 2002 oneself, devote oneself to market of equipment of domestic and international network to develop, reduce business operator to grow cost, offer the most complete, newest, Cisco that provides sexual price to compare most secondhand equipment. My company major is managed secondhand Cisco equipment sale, add is protected. Reclaim, rent Wu of the study at school that reach dimension, the low that offers different new old rate in great quantities is secondhand road of Cisco each series by implement, all sorts of switching equipment, module, power source, memory, shine put the product such as the cable that reach a line and Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE is secondhand equipment of complete set test is supplied. Make the banner CISCO network equipment inside course of study secondhand spare parts serves a provider. Name=description “

" META Content= is secondhand Cisco, secondhand Cisco module, secondhand Cisco switching equipment, secondhand Cisco firewall, secondhand Cisco road by implement, secondhand Cisco Name=keywords “