Commutative friendship links a note to all do not believe website PR

Exchanging friendship to link is the most effective method that adds to be linked instead quickly, it is website SEO, fast be collected to reach the important step that raises keyword rank. Him division learns SEO from Wang Tong, mr. Wang emphasizes must insisting to become friendship link. But Wang Tong was not told at that time specific how is commutative friendship linked, say to the amount is begged not to try quality only when beginning only. My website hope net earns from the first day when had done, begin to insist to exchange friendship link. Because this used time of 3 days only,was collected by Baidu and GG. The rank that makes money on keyword net is pretty good also. Used time of 4 days only, get on the net made money to discharge 57 in GG. Used time of 14 days only, get on the net made money to discharge 15 in Baidu. But at the same time I also noticed a few issues, that is me in Baidu collect an amount too little. Then I investigate a matter, the friendship that discovers me has better station actually in the link is the station that Baidu does not collect. I track the lead plane IP of these domain names then, the server that discovers has been punished by Baidu, decided website all is being bound in an IP is by K. Accordingly I sum up the note that exchanges friendship link here, hope to be helped somewhat to the novice.

One, the station that did not collect with Baidu, GG exchanges a link

Becoming you is new station when, aux would rather spend a few money to buy a few links first, so that be searched,engine is collected. After you are collected, natural demand the other side also wants to be collected. The website that was not collected has two reasons, one is new station, after then you waited for him to be collected, say because,; is again by K, or is dimensional IP went up the blacklist of Baidu, or is the content that website itself has insalubrious, frame-up plan and by K. If you become a link with them, is that court death? The face still has the thing of a few craftsmenship here, how to check IP of the other side for instance, how to check a domain name instead through IP, judged a space to whether go up next through these domain names blacklist. Length place is restricted, no longer expatiatory.

2, be not puzzled by false PR

If you basically are the rank that do GG, so PR still has fair value. If you basically are to do Baidu to rank, so the sense with true PR is very little. My station hopes the net earns, PR is 0, the keyword is ranked 15, do not step on the station of a few PR2 below all the same. Now almost everybody exchange link asks PR is quits, do simply laugh. Baidu is the actually most important is weight, PR is face project only. because everybody is idolatrous PR, cause some man-made false PR to deceive people so. All everybody should detect through PR the tool will detect the true and false of PR of the other side. A few days ago, the station of a PR5 exchanges a link with me, I still feel puzzled at that time, how is the station of PR5 willing to follow the new station of my PR0 to exchange, at that time bump of P of bump of P of readily take the opportunity to. When friendship is linked, the examination discovers a problem later, the station of PR5 actually Baidu is collected for 0. Tool of my reoccupy PR is checked, discovery is false PR.

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