Communicate a bit result that Baidu optimizes with new personality

This station eventually correcting is successful, still used Z-Blog kernel finally! Although had used Pj-Blog, bo-Blog, wordpress, but if the angle that stands in compatriots and SEOer will consider, or Z-Blog is the most appropriate did not pass!

Good, claver says less, sum up Henan to rise the new experience of this exam net only anew today, hope to help somewhat to broad SEOer:

6.2 – Henan rises this exam net to build station success formally only, be in next occasionally an article congratulation was written on Blog. Who knows Baidu collecting quickly the following day! Ah, look or occasionally BLOG – the contribution of sale of new era network is not small A!

6.21~23 date – undertake optimizing to website detail, locate key word is: Henan rises only this, henan raises this exam net only.

6.24~25 date – update website content two days this everyday, let Baidu continue to collect! And optimized key word: Henan rises only this, henan raises this exam net only, wait for relevant key word combination to be before Baidu 10! ^_^ (opposite for, the competition of these key word is not very big)

6.26 – today is the result that Henan announces the university entrance exam, occasionally the visit amount that Henan raises this exam net only reachs peak peak! IP: 1500, PV: 6000, ha, of bump of fart of bump of a day of my happy fart! Because do it before it is mysterious simply for 1000IP antithesis, and the station that looks at oneself before can have a 20IP, in the heart very contented! Who knows to let also be accomplished occasionally unexpectedly today! Bright arrives Zha! Ha

6.27~6.28 date – retrieval of two apparent days this is measured came down, do not pass or maintain in 200~500IP.

6.3 – want suddenly to do a test, changed Title, see the effect how!

7.1~3 date – the net checked key word on today, depressed, the key word that locates previously was dropped! Dizzy A, mood suffer a disastrous decline. . . . Nevertheless, anatomize, in the dot stone seems to had looked before, the weight of Title is in the rank of Baidu inside crucial! Wrote afresh again so, the Henan before raises this exam net only – Henan rose this portal website to undertake modification only, title inside let Henan rise this keyword to repeat only appeared 3 times!

7-4 date – keep newer, the Spider that waits for Baidu will collect!

7-8 date ~ namely today, got online to check key word afresh again: Henan rises only this, henan rises this exam only, henan raises this net only, henan unfurls the key word such as this forum only, the station that discovers oneself reinstates the rank previously again eventually! Ha

Ah, also achieve a goal now, sum up:

1. is aimed at Baidu for, watch of Title ten million changes in disorder, because it will affect Baidu,locate to the rank of your station. So early days must have been engineered!

2. still has is key word, must choose the key word of a core, for instance: Henan rises only this, undertake expanding on this foundation next, undertake assorted! If suitable word of combination, affirmative meeting has very good rank after!

Occasionally a bit results, hope to be helped somewhat to the novice! State additionally, did not appear in article occasionally Henan rises only this the link of the station, be afraid of occasionally, dare not put a link, be afraid of K! : ) hope authority is great excuse me!