Commercial website needs to note 3 problems on SEO plan

Review the course that electronic business affairs develops in home, alibaba, naughty the large omnibus website such as treasure, business treasure and Hui Cong is most netizen, enterprise all the time trade in electronic business affairs the mainest platform in the process. And domestic amount is numerous medium or small website of electronic business affairs develops hard from beginning to end however expand.

Engineer the project that is a systematization about the SEO of the website, the aspect that involves is very much, the SEO that did program of several years to talk about commercial website with respect to the simple eye from programmer engineers a few respects of this attention:

One, the Seo item that in developing a process, the program needs to notice

1, static state or trends – the program of Url

To website URL discuss think the static state is close friends generally, here does not do development discussion, a few what say URL plans to want to notice only:

(1, friendly static state changes navigation link

(2, resource of key of website of configuration of friendly short address links URL

(3, the catalog method that does not include 3 class above

(4, avoid script to play a window to open new Url as far as possible

2, spider and user UE pay equal attention to – the method of content navigation dogs design

(1, automatic navigation fixed position dogs link [anchorage dot links website interior]

(2, the pertinent information intelligence that the relevant content of the keyword inside intelligent station allows upcountry surely is associated

2, the item that the page should notice to Seo in design process

1, of page media resource reasonable cite

(1, as far as possible need not media [picture, flash] the dominant boat link that will do a website

(2, the navigation that does with the picture is sure to add Alt specification please, around column key word

(3, be like to content sex written language without special style demand, as far as possible need not the picture will show a character

2, the code standardization that the webpage forms

The page that is based on W3C makes a standard, abide by CSS/DIV to write regulation, behave formal integrality at layout of the webpage below much browser!

3, the page after be being finished finally engineers Seo note

1, effectiveness of the link inside checkpoint

Ensure every page must have an apparent entrance page at least in whole station, key page should have in website home page or other page or of many different forms point to the entrance, most the apparent navigation link that extreme page has all pages in returning father degree path, ensure each webpage the can successful home page that returns a website.

2, page content shows pattern – 5 avoid

Avoid to use Ajax technology and mode of operation to be record in tiring-room data

Avoid to use medium [contain a photograph, flash] the step will do main content navigation

Avoid to use frame structure to engineer main content page

Prevent overmuch complex and alternant operation

Avoid to use script to play a window to show website content page

3, the program of page content key word

Do not want N the page repeats a caption, do not use all the time description, add content to make reasonable automatic Title create regulation to the trends of the content of the website

4, website structure design

Had avoided deep visit administrative levels, to the deep-seated visit that cannot avoid content gives the visit that administrative levels promotes the way, according to the network the habit follows search engine regulation.

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