Comment on Chinese SEO industry to blame the current situation

Yesterday, robin is in the VIP member of stone following a drop people discussed this very interesting topic. I spent some of time to be summed up again today, chinese SEO industry blames the current situation to comment on as follows:

1: Guest of a rich begins erect provide SEO service

Very strange, is system of Z-blog rich guest crossing Hu Gu does engine of first Chinese search optimize the expression in the contest outstanding and let lover of technology of a lot of SEO favor to its have fine? Even if built system of guest of a rich, is the card of top of home page buy of guest of total unapt very much gain the content that serves about offerring SEO? Of course, also a lot of people favore WordPress, ab extra bonze also is met recite scriptures. Here, the proposal that Robin gives out is, if want to provide SEO service, most at least also must spend some of energy to do his service station to nod, do not use muddle through one’s work of system of guest of a rich casually.

2: SEO serves business to pay close attention to search engine news very

The website that provides SEO service generally can open the column of SEO library, and in this column, we see valuable SEO technology discusses the implied meaning of the respect rarely, it is how much to paying close attention to Google to bought the stock of what site, Baidu to go up almost, what did Yahoo roll out to serve those who wait for and so on to reprint news. If reprints 10 news manuscript, as static next hearts will had written a technology to share an article. Oneself not the research of technology of prep bent on, what why let a client if the place on the website says,believe you is professional in that way?

3: Client list appears to order home page at service station

What client did this company serve after all? Generally speaking, I won’t search, because company of a lot of SEO is in its client site,the website home page of themselves links enumerate with the keyword come out.

4: Professional SEO also can make a mistake

Company of a lot of SEO can build N service introduction site, and the webpage content of these sites is invariant, just show a person with skin of another one seed coat. On strategy, build many websites (someone also says for the station group) will increase a webpage to be in search engine is enclothed mediumly rate, increase search user to contact your odds thereby, this give no cause for more criticism. But, the professional SEO of these companies people is knowing the ego between the website is duplicate to search engine not to like extremely? Final result is, this N in the website, only can a website can achieve good rank performance.

5: Return to Link Spam times

That famous Florida updates Google to still let a lot of SEO one’s heart still fluttering with fear, let a lot of people be in quite the SEO that oneself review inside period of time optimizes means proper. In everybody already hep search brings what the stationmaster that prop up helps a guideline to show level, very much SEO served a company to return to original Link Spam period again, the tradition of a what advanced face in engine of all alone seeing search makes industry site, linking main source reversely is to leave a message as before this, rich guest and forum.

6: Assume personal command of expert of SEO of class of ashes of the dead

Provide SEO service, how does the assume personal command of professional level expert that did not reach certain level go? These experts handled the SEO project with much N, and the project achieved quite remarkable result. Click the introductory webpage with specific visit, no more than is enumerate a few websites and corresponding keyword, and the rank circumstance of the keyword, do those who laugh is some keywords the rank has been being searched there was sign in engine. Choosing stone, the performance that we never rank with some keyword will judge the professional level of some SEO personnel, because this is too one-sided, although its keyword ranks competition,spend how intense.

7: A person instigates a group or company

Certain and so-called the group that provides SEO service or company, its often are a person is being operated rear. I do not deny a person to be able to get the better of anyone SEO project, but the current situation that is based on SEO to develop in China, I still do not believe to really so much individual can block the person with ability of one side alone really.

Besides above be said, what discovery do you still have? If have, the welcome leaves a message comment.