Collect a pocket: 50 super condense search engine to optimize knowledge

1. uses independent IP and dimensional account as far as possible: Issue other website be punished with IP, may stand to you influential. If your station is mixed,very much Laj, Seqing station is in together a server, search engine to be able to like.

2.When doing different content website, avoid to use 2 grade domain name and free domain name. Reason: When advocate domain name or other 2 grade domain name is punished, meeting embroil your station. And search engine can set what every domain name falls to collect number.

3.Make a domain name with compound key word, should separate with short horizontal line, a-B-C. Reason: If use ABC to search engine to be able to consider as ABC a word, is not word group.

4.Below coequal circumstance, having taller rank advantage; on behalf of the that is not commerciality website, .gov

5.Website core key word is their scope of operations, be like a product / fixed position of service name, industry, and company name or brand name.

6.The angle that stands in the client considers to ponder over key word

7.Expand the keyword a series of phrase and phrase.

8.Do not use popular key word or define too extensive key word.

9.Use situation + key word.

10.Examine congener website or the key word that adversary uses.

11.Be not used absolutely and key word of him website irrelvant.

12.Key word amount: It is better that 3 do not exceed at most in caption. Below the case that has different product and service, undertake to every product odd webpage is optimized, is not enumerate is on a home page.

13.Single page key word is fastened under 2% , do not exceed 7% .

14.Choice key word must consult Baidu.

15.Key word wants nowhere to be absent, have have again light, the key word that fastens an all pages and density pilot is almost same.

16.There must be key word inside TITLE, Description, Keywords, it is brief, good to make clear, do not repeat too much or intentionally, and read fluent. Description is fastened too long, heavy have a snack to stave off hunger fills the specification that fails to be stated adequately in Title and Keywords.

17.Keyword key distributinging position includes: The page relies on less than of before coping, left, caption, text 200 words.

18.Use key word conciously in map of navigation, website, anchorage text, for example: Home page can change stationmaster station home page

19.Caption uses work.

20.Key word is added in picture Alt.

21.Website catalog structure is brief, file name is normative. URL is fastened too long.

22.Large website catalog is controlled as far as possible in 4 less than, handle a relevant theme column, add the relevant link of deep-seated page.

23.Key word is used in catalog and file name, with – break up word group, be not broken up with _ . Chinese can use phoneticize.

24.Complete station uses a static state to change, all *.HTM or *.HTML.

25.Dynamic website URL does not appear as far as possible: ? $ .

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