Classical accent: Search engine is optimized (Seo) 15 law

The first law.

Search engine is optimized (Seo) won’t disrelish evening forever, what what it needs is more patience only.

The 2nd law.

Seo also won’t be plain sailing, short-term inside the wave motion that the website ranks not the value of website of can real report, collect above of more than 6 months in the site only, it just can show a comprehensive bona fide is ranked.

The 3rd law.

Do everything to as a result of,do not want too long, search engine is optimized (Seo) same also. Because hesitant and protracted time is the oldest enemy of Seo, once you can be you to be done so,be right, let go go doing, time won’t await those people that always hesitate.

The 4th law.

Optimize in engine of all alone that do search (Seo) when the effect that does not expect to be able to obtain get effect instantly, should not be on so called shortcut for this more. The page of engine collects amount and retrorse link amount, the PageRank value of the website, Alexa is ranked, google incident dependency inquires, the webpage detects wait for a function, it is the effective tool that the user has the website is popularized.

The 5th law.

Content is to search engine to optimize (Seo) essence, go producing those high quality, distinctive, incisive, the content of afford for thought, making their natural connection rise is the most culminating search engine is optimized (Seo) skill.

The 6th law.

Want to know what is long end theorem, it can bring truly abiding discharge group.

The 7th law.

Optimizing 100 competition to spend is not so tall keyword compares the key word that optimizes that one height to compete to bring more benefit normally, should remember putting the egg a basket inside.

The 8th law.

The guest householder that often visits those the website is written down in the heart, casting its place is necessary very, they will be become most the caller that often visits your website.

The 9th law.

Go linking the page related those outstanding height hard to each person it is significant, the get one’s own back that should believe it is brought deserves you to throw.

The 10th law.

Advertent those caller, pay close attention to the opinion that they offer, it can rise to your person is enraged and be mirrorred finally to discharge.

Eleventh law.

The search engine that is far from those black hats automatically is optimized (Seo) skill is careful those scheme that can bring short-term and positive result.

Dozenth law.

Each stationmaster must accomplish integrity, honesty is rich sympathize with a heart, it can help the brand that you know more friend and can build its for your website.

Thirteenth law.

Building a brand is a long-term strategy.

The 14th law.

Do not build those rubbish to link, they can let you the loss outweights the gain.

The 15th law.

Optimize in engine of all alone that do search (Seo) before learn how to use search engine please, it is impossible to do good Seo that engine of an all alone that connect search uses bad person.

Author: Zdm carries formerly: Chinese SEO seminar place