Clarify about scolding the follow-up that cleans out treasure to reach

After password of network sale actual combat was published January, the case that sell is good still. Before going to Shenzhen, press editor informs I want the 2nd times to presswork. Come back from Shenzhen, the editor informs I need the 3rd times to presswork again. Thank the support of so much reader.

The website communicates to go up in password of network sale actual combat, it is very easy to have a reader says I popularize this book, some of card was sent to go on rich guest. It is it seems that such, what I do just also send a few cards really. But these a few cards are to build stick the foundation that accumulated nearly 3 years to go up everyday in SEO, this gathers force is very big actually.

From rich guest subscription number looks, there is 5500 on Google Reader many readers. Plus what use other reader, estimate what should subscribe to to have on 10 thousand people. These faithful readers are 3 years 400 many cards are accumulated slowly come out.

And the consequence of the card not bureau be confined to these reader itself. They also are stationmaster for the most part, a lot of also keep rich customer. Of the reader reprint, comment, enter activity of the feeling after reading, make the influence diffuses the crowd of short of of my itself place.

This kind is accumulated just did not have very strong purpose sex in the begining actually. When writing SEO to be stuck everyday at the outset, it is to study Chinese market at the same time only, note some of result at the same time, do not know completely to be able to establish bit of stone later, can domestic client looks for me, can give a book. What I do just write some of result everyday as far as possible.

Gave this book now, to my influence henceforth, also not be very clear actually. Can increase famous degree, consequence is affirmation. But these are famous degree, consequence, can give me to bring more help with the means of what kind of later, I also do not know now. Resemble keeping SEO rich customer at the outset, can have what effect to me, also do not know likewise. But to the best of my belief, morning and evening one day, this book can be brought pass on.

Ever had mentioned when Shenzhen coze, the first when I do compares formal website, it is real hobby, be about TV editorial. That moment wrote a few articles, put down next, also did not add new content again, also did not establish a link. Be being put is 5-6 year, also not was in charge of it again. But after passing 3 years two, the rank of this website begins to rise naturally, discharge also comes in accordingly. Put Google Adsense, very natural it begins to make money.

In these a few years, many people link this quite old website of one’s own accord, famous magazine website gives me the link, the book review that I write still is cited English Yamaxun on the bookshop.

This is a very natural accumulative total process, without what doohickey. At the outset little works, give it enough time, can see the effect.

So proposal specific power consumption must have the individual center of time, need not too eager for quick success and instant benefit, do some of website, put achieve content formerly, let themselves grow next, oneself are accumulated. Try time, have get one’s own back surely.