Choose whose website to optimize after all with contest price the rank actors or actress defect is analysed

Core clew: Medium and small businesses often does not know is to choose contest to price has been ranked or choose to search engine to had been optimized, the article was elaborated in detail in the light of this problem do a website to optimize the actor defect that optimizes with search engine, help medium and small businesses choose appropriate website to extend a shift thereby.

Chat with the client recently, after signing up for the price, a word that the client often says is so expensive, that was ranked as the price that make contest, that author explains the advantage that rank of the price that say contest and website optimize and weakness to everybody here, let a client know how to compare a website to optimize the value that ranks with contest price.

The advantage that contest price ranks and defect:


1, get effective fast: Before the immediateness after keyword price is being set after charging a cost can enter Baidu to rank 10, the position is OK oneself are controlled.

2, keyword amount is unlimited: Can backstage installs countless keywords to undertake popularizing, him amount is controlled, without any limitation.

3, the keyword does not assign difficult easy rate: No matter how popular keyword, want you to want to do only, before you can be entered 3 even the first.


1, the price is high: The word with intense competition, unit price can achieve several yuan even tens of yuan RMB, a month is about to consume thousands of yuan to count yuan of RMB even, if be to be done for a long time, that costs so high cost for a long time with respect to need.

2, management is troublesome: If want to assure the position and control cost, need undertakes the price is examined everyday, install the most likely price to have contest price.

3, personnel administration: Need person specially assigned for a task undertakes the filtration of the keyword, carry take suitable keyword, measure the value, check the effect, the salary that can give an employee again so (the personnel monthly pay that Qingdao is in charge of this respect controls) in 3000-5000.

4, the respective independent character of engine: Every engine is respective and alone, you made contest price in Baidu hind, gu Ge won’t appear then rank, yahoo also won’t appear then rank, if you want all engine to appear,rank, that is about to repeat the promotion expenses with multiple expenditure.

5, stability is poor: Once people goes the price is higher than yours, once your account is medium,then you can rank backward; everyday the budget is consumed, your rank can disappear immediately.

6, ill will clicks: The ill will that contest price ranks is clicked very much, the advertisement cost of your half is be clicked to be consumed to ill will by nudnik of firm of competitor, ad, at a loose end, these people won’t bring any benefit to you, and you also cannot prevent.

The advantage of Seo and defect: