Choose key word, do good SEO the first pace

What the keyword will undertake retrieval undertake in searching engine inquiry is an input, because the design of this keyword is process of whole website construction especially SEO optimizes a service in the process the basiccest, also be a the most important segment.

But, there is such and such problem in the course that the keyword is choosing in construction of a lot of websites, because of this although rack one’s brains in scheming, but the effect of SEO often is like person meaning very much however. A few common errors are below, hope everybody can avoid.

(1) meaning is too broad the word of extensive: If you are the manufacturer that produces female outfit, perhaps you think with female outfit, dress and so on makes your keyword, might as well please take dress to try to Google, you can discover the search is unexpectedly as a result 5, 450, 000, want to show itself between so much competitor easier said than done, contrary, in short sleeve, grow sleeve, vest, the search below this kind of specific speech such as condole belt is gotten less as a result much, such you have more opportunity platoons to be before competitor. Because of the sort of this business according to you or product, choose specific word as far as possible, the keyword with use more precise meaning, but demarcate is changed into you likely the person call in of true client, can show the result that SEO serves inside shorter time so.

(2) the keyword without the test: A lot of person is choosing out to think after first-rate keyword, do not go up via checking to be referred hurriedly. Whether true optimal, check. The free tool that you can provide on net of have the aid of will undertake the keyword is analysed, the general function of these software is the keyword that examines you the use frequency in other webpage, and in the past each are searched greatly inside 24 hours there is how many person on engine these keywords had been used when be being searched.

(Are 3) and oneself product or service without relation: ?  of  of  of the Song Dynasty of  of travel ┤ the Song Dynasty come on? of new moon dream joins the popular keyword with irrelevant fine long hair in his keyword, make the visit amount that can increase a website really sometimes in that way, but the person that just think searchs MP3, it is very difficult to be afraid to what you produce cloth art sofa is interested. Since your purpose is sale product, so the course of action that relies on this kind of cogged method to increase a visit to measure denounces a person to disrelish not only, and fine long hair is insignificant. Be considered as SEO more likely by search engine cogged and receive punishment.

(4) covers too much keyword: Some websites builder is hated cannot optimize all keywords in the homepage go in, because this is when designing a website in homepage caption load one’s writing with fancy phrases a large number of keywords, in an attempt to improves a rank. This can make the thing becomes only more flooey. To the homepage optimize should be restricted on most 3 important keywords. Want to ensure the length of your homepage caption does not exceed the length of 30 English word at most. Undertake to those more popular keywords SEO optimizes a service especially for, want to obtain better rank in intense competition, often have higher demand to keyword density. To the keyword of other you can be complete in other page do respectively optimize accordingly, not necessary in squeezing a homepage, go optimizing. Accordingly, to large website, best every webpage has different webpage title, and every caption contains a keyword, the content that lets a website enters the index range that searchs engine morely.

(5) repeats page keyword blindly: The size of keyword density has immediate effect to the rank of a website, but not be occurrence time has been jumped over more more absolutely. Somebody is in to increase a certain vocabulary the occurrence frequency on the webpage, and repeat it intentionally, if be in the thing of and so on of Er of sea of Er of sea of Er of caption column occurrence sea. Nevertheless, engine of very much now search can get behind it, they carry number of statistical webpage word, the scale that judges a certain word to appear is normal. Once exceed level of decided at the higher level but not officially announced, effect, reduce a website to assign a value thereby, possible still forever the website close the door on you. When using a keyword so, should accomplish nature as far as possible fluent, accord with basic grammatical regulation, do not repeat a certain keyword overly painstakingly, avoid to list type ground to appear, do not want to use a certain keyword 2 times continuously in same travel especially above.

(6) ignores the position of the keyword: The keyword appears in proper place more effective than appearing 100 times in improper position. You need to be in what the page head of content of caption, paragraph, character content and page end, label does not show even.