“Chongqing website is built " 30 days accomplish Baidu first experience to share

From the company the decision begins what enterprise website builds to begin, I saw Chongqing website build this word to cite the condition that prop up in the search, tell with the friend Baidu is accomplished inside a month the first!

The choice of 1. domain name

Only time of a month, was forced to choose the domain name related a not very that has been collected by Baidu: . P.s: ? Does Li  tip jump an ancient nationality in China of rostellum of Zu of a surname of moxibustion of  of  of Zhun of × cultivate ≡ ?

The choice of 2. space

Oneself have a server, put on a famous stationmaster hand, stable, not afraid server is not stable. P.s: ? Is  of food of acenaphthene of  of Ta of crotch of  of Mu of Mei of Yao of × cultivate ≡ static does ü of a kind of sedge of go whoring of Lai of board of Fei of ㄔ shaking discuss put in order?

Of 3. website make

3-1: Must make page of Html static state

3-2: Use text link as far as possible, do not go after flowery beautiful, pursuit is practical

3-3: Chose a few keywords meticulously, lest all in vain

3-4: Considering the rational application of in-house link

3-5: Be sent on a diplomatic mission is gotten to use after Title and Meta chose to had ranked a few contrast before leaning, take the length of numerous home

P.s: Avoid Flash and JS as far as possible, achieve similar result with other method

4. hands over search engine afresh and engine is searched in everyday updated station hangs a link

The domain name of the choice is Baidu was collected really, but a few months were not updated, remind Baidu so: The website has new content, update please. Calculate Baidu to do not have those who see me to hand over, for double insurance, a link was hanged to the website in my rich guest. P.s: It is very important to tell a search engine had new website, can increase to poll, can let you collect more speed

5. keeps newer

To maintain a website fresh, made column of an Internet knowledge technically, so that update content everyday. (enterprise website assures very hard to be updated everyday) also achieve formerly as far as possible on content. P.s: Be being achieved formerly can be batch changes a certain word, the station that has energy searchs engine more favour

After 6. replaces index

Very punctual, one day by January, baidu updated new website. I checked a rank, chongqing website construction had arrived the 22nd page. P.s: Effect sees first, strengthen confidence. Software support checks the keyword rank inside 100 pages

7. is searched outside catenary

Without giving thought to discretion of quality of the other side, should collect only link normally! Two days look for, avoid have between one night too much outside catenary. Before be not being updated, do not go seeking a link, lest eats a thick soup that close the door. P.s: The link of high quality searchs hard after all, do not ask too tall

8. is updated the 2nd times

Chongqing website is built already change raises to the 4th page

P.s: Experienced competition is not intense

9. continues to carry the chain outside content is updated and be being searched

Had climbed newlier the 3rd times rise the 7th, arrived newlier the 4th times the 4th P.s: At a dash, go seeking the link of a few high quality with present achievement

10. today

Awake in the morning the rank after seeing Baidu be updated greatly today, had gone to the first! P.s: Become famous overnight achieve instant fame! Success, continue hard, let Google also go to the first