Choice keyword sets out from user angle raise a website to change rate

Slant the term that the word is an unexpected winner normally, or phrase, it is a sentence even, so much user uses the thing that a few your expect may input to be less than when searching engine, for instance search seamless steel tube, seamless steel tube talking about a city such word, talk about a city even company of seamless steel tube waits such phrase a moment even sentence.

The optimize action of whole station shows in, to the adjustment of the modification of stencil and the adjustment that link a structure and page structure, make more the computation that accords with search engine is regular, at the same time more right the person that browse is friendly, after such standing optimizing undertaking that rectify, can, the to key word list extraction principle in using search engine to be calculated in sort, mining gives a lot of key word, made acquisition is ranked well. Make thereby the discharge of this station soars. Great majority is multiple on break up.

The biggest characteristic that whole station optimizes is, not be oneself are in specify a certain key word, it is the addition of the content as you, search engine extracts a lot of key word automatically to have sort. Such practice, the computation of the extreme that accords with search engine is regular, hou Qinglong is analysed below through slanting the word raises website discharge and user to change rate.

Whole station is optimized pay close attention to above all slant word. Slant the word is to show except core the keyword reachs the website keyword beyond sub core keyword normally. A website can bring a lot of discharge except core keyword beyond, slant the word also can bring very large flow for the website, even the flow that its gross takes than core keyword is larger.

Choice keyword sets out from user angle, raise a website to change in the round rate.

No matter discharge is much taller, the person that raise a visit arrives of business chance change frank ability to make the enterprise needs most, and whole station is optimized can rise significantly change rate.

From the point of search engine: Assume you are the manager of company of homemaking talking about a city, you need to use a service, through slanting the word talks about city homemaking to talk about city homemaking to serve company of homemaking talking about a city to talk about city homemaking net to search the client that come, the brings than searching core word homemaking simply client that be aimed at, discharge and client are changed rate should many tall, and the competitor that contest price optimizes also decreases, not only reduced website competition ability, saved resource, return can better taking to rank, get more user is visited. How you are a large website, the analysis collects hundreds of to slant word, not only the competitor is little, natural investment return rate also rose. (author: Hou Qinglong carries network address formerly: