Chinese website administrator rich guest: Get to the bottom of sth traces to the source talk about website link

We expect you to be able to serve to be mixed at the user through providing high grade content and service whole Internet. Meanwhile, you often hear those who come from Internet bound probably the discussion about linking a problem, people each sticks to his own view, vexed. You can ask probably, how is this what to answer a thing to should understand after all about linking me after all? If you also are interested in this topic, welcome you to read set of link special subject, the article is the first article of this series.

The 2nd: In-house link (the link of your website interior)

For example, your home page has point to the link that contacts us, and your connection our page has again point to the link about us, this kind of link belongs to in-house link. In-house link (also call link structure) , it is very important, whether can because it is a decision,the user visit the payoff of your website conveniently. And, in-house link also is deciding your website but capture sex—Search engine spider can crawl conveniently your webpage. Be about to know a detail, read the 2nd article that links special subject originally please.

The 3rd: Derive link (your place chain to website)

Derive the link is your place chain to exterior website. For instance / Webmasters has the link that points to Derive the link makes us OK free on the net surf—This also is Internet becomes such rich and colorful and the main reason that are full of cooperative spirit. If did not derive,link, your website will be as insular as Internet community, because each page became the simplest text version. What major website includes is a few nature derive link, because this is most,the circumstance need not be anxious. If you have other issues, we will be expatiatory in the 3rd article derive link this topic.

The 4th: Guide link (all catenary the website to you)

Guide the link is the exterior link that points to you. Administrator of the website below normal circumstance people it is not to need be linked to guide and nerve-racking, but why some of website administrator pays close attention to particularly however? This may be the Internet industry current situation that is a basis with outstanding achievement makes like that, because administrator of a lot of websites thinks this kind of link that points to you actively is the shortcut of a rank that promotes you and discharge,also may be. Will the 4th article of this special subject answer you to concern what do not need cost to you can increase me to guide the method of the link? Wait for a problem.

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