Change website theme pattern plate often what to effect have to SEO?

Core clew: Change Title not often, if must change successive ground, changing thoroughly will be deadly.

The friend that a lot of friends play rich stranger especially is fond of very much change thematic pattern plate, and always enjoy it, a few everybody in them have favour to become the person be benefited of the following circumstance. Thought very long, I am opposite only today change the theme says to the influence of SEO, the hope can cause a few love to change the attention of pattern plate friend, put energy on content construction to have real sense more.

We know, after construction of a website is finished and be being collected normally in each search engine, can undertake subtle adjustment to Title, so most meeting is brought about advocate keyword rank produces a few wave motion, want you to keep former only achieve believe bad influence can go very quickly newlier. This cycle updates frequency and weight time length according to the website differ: According to experience Baidu can stop to update home page to observe a few days normally, and Google basically can be updated in very short time reach the designated position, need not use a consideration so, this is the situation with whole canzonet.

From rich guest angle for can appellation changes pattern plate, and will tell that to mean website correcting to large CMS program, but property is same. We put the emphasis in here change Title change key is brought about to explain after pattern plate. What kind of influence can you bring to the adjustment with big Title so? Such OK saying, consequence is very serious! Especially Baidu is a SE that serves very hard, the metropolis such as order of caption of complete change, change causes caption the attention of SE, light an a few months is not newer, collect a page to decrease gradually, be dropped by K directly again home page or complete station, calculate come down to the loss outweights the gain?

So change pattern plate theme why to you can affect SE? Basically involve this a few aspects: Because the structure of code of pattern plate <title></title> is different, the Title of output is different also, for instance DeDeCMS, the pattern plate take out that originally you mend your ways Power By DedeCMS, but you changed pattern plate this came out again; Changed some themes pattern plate to also can bring about Title possibly to show ordinal change (classify and advocate the order of caption) ; When still having the pattern plate that sharing with others, those people often did not use standard {dede:g in Title partLobal Name=cfg_webname/} such calling, and with him the station name of original website the character replaces, once go up,what your website shows the line is his website Title, including channel Title also is same, depressed!

Additional, still can make Description produces change, because some of CMS program also added Title label at the back of Description, often notice not easily. Still have the change of webpage structure, present website frame gives priority to the CSS framework that flow mostly, because its construction is reasonable,suffer praise highly fully, still have the person that the website of the Table framework that comparative exists and be fond of so already, want to notice whether the framework matchs when changing pattern plate so. Of course still content position change waits to also can be affected somewhat, just not be so important relatively.

Does that say that that cannot change pattern plate so? Not be of course, then I give friends a few proposals: 1, before changing thematic pattern plate, had better undertake be comparatived to code, especially <title></title> and Description part, if can be in,the line goes up after this locality builds moving environment to be debugged to pattern plate, maintaining each part content and original to agree is one of optimal methods; Here uses the friend attention of WordPress especially, natural resources of WP pattern plate is very substantial, but Title has a variety of forms, simple way mixes <title></title> of file of Header.php of former pattern plate directly <meta Name=description ***** > duplicates to go up to new pattern plate.

2, to yourself of original pattern plate modification activity makes next records, try to save to penitentiary file, such is in this part is OK and unvarnished when you change new theme pattern plate change go back, keep easily consistent. Finally, I or ambitious attune do not want constant commutation pattern plate as far as possible, should not change Title often more, if must change successive ground, changing thoroughly will be deadly; Above these are to be based on SEO (search engine is optimized) angle considers, if the place of careless omission welcomes make a comment or criticism!

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