Cereal song government " search engine optimizes a guideline " website navigation piece

The site that allows you is easier navigation

The navigation of a website conduces to an user finding the content that they want quickly. It also can help search engine understand stationmaster to differentiate to the weight of website content. Although Google searchs a result to meet,list in a page, but Google is more conceivable also you are so big a when each page place in the website act a part more intuitionistic expression.

Almost all website can have home page or root page, they often are the start that the user visits your website content, also be visited the oftenest at the same time. Unless your website has a piece of very simple webpage only, otherwise the caller that you think you well is how from a piece of basic page (namely your home page) go to those who contained more and specific content child page this one process.

Have when you enough much around some when the webpage of specific topic, whether do you have a piece to you can describe the relationship of these relevant webpages so that compare clear page? (E.g. : Root page – relevant theme list – specific topic) whether do you have thousands of is product need mixed through many classification child does classification come classify?

The catalog structure of the small website that we block this about baseball

Map of a piece of website (Sitemap, the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral, for example the website map that hedge daydream records) the structure that can show your website very simple and easily, it often divides a Cidelie to give your website page. If the user cannot look for you when a few webpages of the website, can visit website map to come try one’s luck. Although map of this kind of website basically is aimed at an user, but the website map that searchs engine to also can visit you in order to get wider to your website capture range.

The website map that you also can carry tool of Google website manager to submit form of a XML to Google (great, for example the website map that hedge daydream records) file, let Google discover the content of your website easily with this. Using website map document also is a kind (but unwarrantable) tell Google you more preference format of which kinds of URLs. Google also offers a website map that opens a source to generate script to help you make website map file more easily for the website. If still think understanding is more,the word of the information about website map can go to center of website administrator help get more useful manual.

Site navigation optimizes actual combat experience