Cereal song government " search engine optimizes a guideline " webpage picture piece

The picture that optimizes you is used

The picture resembles the part with your very intuitionistic website, but you still can optimize them. You can have all pictures very direct file name and an an Alt attribute, this is both you can try well to use.

If your picture stems from some kind of reason to cannot show, alt attribute allows you to add to replace a written language for it.

In us the Alt attribute of this piece of picture gave out succinct accurate however description.

Why to use this property? If your user browses your site,those who use is the equipment that does not support a picture, or other some kind of technology, e.g. screen reader, alt attribute is in have use greatly at this moment, the picture that it can be you is a few OKer information.

Stem from some kind of reason we this piece of picture was not shown come, but replace a character to show at least came.

Another reason of use Alt attribute is you when regarding a link as the picture, of the picture replace a character to will be regarded as the anchorage text processing of a link. However, when text the link can be competent when same function, we do not recommend the website navigation that is you to use too much picture link. Finally, the file name that can try to optimize a picture and replace text, make the picture that searchs such search service to be able to understand you easily like Google picture.

The picture optimizes actual combat experience

The file name that 1. is a picture and replace text to use succinct but like providing the written language that describes a gender to optimize a target like webpage other very much, file name and replace text to be in smallish and chastening when best. Just need to avoid:

Use like Image1.jpg, pic.gif, 1.jpg this kind of file that makes automatically renown. (A few contain by tens of thousands the website of the picture may use this kind to name means with respect to unified exam Lv.

2. keeps file name extremely expatiatory.

In replace keywords of a large number of load one’s writing with fancy phrases in text to perhaps duplicate directly stickup one whole sentence.

When regarding a link as the picture, add for them if you decide to regard a link as a piece of picture,replace text, replace text to be able to make Google understands you will point to the content of the webpage easily. The scene when trying to imagine you are in one photograph to add anchorage text version for text link understood. But you may need the situation below avoid:

Replace text to be written too longly, so that be regarded as,rubbish is handled.

3. uses a picture to behave for your whole website navigation.

Differentiate technically for the picture catalog of a memory abandons those across are whole the catalog of the domain name or subdirectory will store the means of the picture, the consideration makes an onefold catalog will store they. This is pair of your picture method simplify.

4. uses commonly used land and major browser supports the file form that is supported JEPG, GIF, the picture of PNG and BMP format. Letting your file expand name and picture format match also is very important. (origin: Rich guest translates Google website administrator: Hedge daydream is recorded)