Cereal song government " search engine optimizes a guideline " webpage caption piece

Label of a caption should tell user and search engine some what to the theme of specific webpage is.

In the <head> tag that <title> label should put park HTML documentation. More perfect is you can think each pieces of webpage founds your website an unique Title name.

We the caption of home page of website of this baseball card listed my company name basically pays close attention to a domain with 3.

If your documentation appears in search result page, the group that the content in your Title label can appear in the result as much (if you are not familiar with Google to search result structure, the video of search result structure that you can examine Matt Cutts of this Google engineer to make, or the graphic representation of page of result of search of this piece of Google. ) if the webpage appears in user inquiry result, the character in Title will show with thick substance word. This conduces to help user identifying you whether do they want to look for this piece of webpage.

The Titile of your home page can list the name of your website or company, also can include other a few information, such as the address of your entity corporation, the domain that you pay close attention to or offerred service.

The user inquires [Baseball Cards]

Home page appears in the result, group showed the Title content of website home page in result caption. (the attention is contacted between part of thick substance word and user inquiry keyword)

If the user clicks a result to visit this piece of webpage, the Title of the webpage can be met appear in browser window coping.

For deeper the content that when page names, you need to describe this piece of special page well and truly to pay close attention to and appear, of course you also can be in child the name that your website or company include in the Title of the page.

User with [when Rarest Baseball Cards] inquires for the keyword

The webpage of a piece of deeper administrative levels (its Title is unique to the content of this piece of webpage) the indication information in search result.

Webpage Title label carries out experience very well

One, the theme that the content that describes a page accurately chooses an OK and efficient ground to contain webpage content. Should avoid nevertheless:

1. chooses a label that has nothing to do with webpage content

2. chooses to resemble Untitled or New Page 1″ such acquiescent caption.

2, found unique Title label for each pieces of webpage each pieces of webpage should have an unique Title, so that let Google,distinguish it and other page come. Need to avoid likewise:

All pages to your website or one pile page uses a same Title label.

3, with succinct but the Titletitle that has descriptive quality is OK already brief full of information. If Title is too long, google is searching the one share that Title shows only in the result. Need to avoid:

With too long and to the user the keyword that the Title that it doesn’t matter helps piles up at random not to need in Title label. (Origin: Rich guest translates Google website administrator: Hedge daydream collection)