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Improve the composition of your website URLs

The classification that founds descriptive sex for documentation and file name can make your website more convenient manage not only, still can guide search engine to come true to climb better to your website content take. Those friendly URLs is OK also and convenient wanting that link the person of your webpage. The person that visit also may is opposite those are extremely expatiatory and did not include any mysterious URLs that can identify a word to touch fear.

Our baseball blocks a website the URL of a webpage, whether to let an user very easily feel unwell.

Let an user touch bewilderment already like such URLs, not quite friendly also. The user is very difficult numerate such link address easily from memory come, the page that is you on his own website with respect to prep let alone establishs a retrorse link.

Same, a few users believe to be needless partly greatly very in URLs, especially those URLs contain the parameter that cannot identify in great quantities. They may abandon these useless parts, give the link then broke.

A few users are very possible when the webpage that links you flat the script that accepts as anchor chain with URL. Such word, if the written language related to your webpage is contained in your URL, perhaps can search engine to provide more information to the user; But if a few numbers are completely in your URL the word of strange perhaps parameter, apparent user and the experience with search engine to won’t have too good.

Gao Liang’s character can communicate an user to perhaps search engine above the content that they will visit a link to may be included.

Finally, wanting the URL that knows a documentation is the one part that regards a search as the result show in Google, mix in result caption of content extract below. Mix like the caption in the result content fragment is same, if the word in URL inquires with the search of the user matching also is can thick substance Gao Liang is shown those who come.

User with [Baseball Cards] inquires for the keyword

The home page of our website appears in the result, saw, the word that matchs with inquiry keyword in URL was shown by Gao Liang.

Another example is below, the content in a piece of page contains Rarest Baseball Cards (infrequent baseball gets stuck) relevant content. Such URL names means affirmation than at / Article/102125/ such numeric the view that URL gives more easily to search an user now.

When the user with [when Rarest Baseball Cards] inquires for the keyword

A piece of deeper webpage appears in the result, but the kind that its URL reflected its content.

Although Google very be good at taking sundry URL result at climbing, become even when they are very complex, but the time that spend a dot will simplify your URLs, user and this pair of searches have profit greatly for engine.

Some websites administrator likes to rescript the dynamic URLs of the webpage into the static state, this is very pretty good to Google, but what we need to remind is this kind of method it is very advanced operation method, once gave an issue,bring about Google probably to be opposite nevertheless of your website climb take an issue. Want to understand more the problem about URL structure respect, we recommend website administrator to help this piece of webpage of the center.

URL structure optimizes actual combat experience

One, the word is used in URLs

Be used in URLs and the word is opposite related your website content and structure is very friendly for the visit of the user. The person that visit remembers they also prefer to link your website very easily. Need to avoid nevertheless:

1. uses inessential parameter and ID value to form expatiatory URLs.

2. uses the such as Page1.html that generates automatically such naming means.

3. uses overmuch keyword, for instance Baseball-cards-baseball-cards-baseball-cards.htm.

2, establish a simple catalog structure

Use catalog structure can run the located place when the content of your website still can tell an user they browse your website conveniently not only. The proposal uses catalog structure to let URL allude the type that contains content as far as possible. Also must avoid nevertheless:

1. uses many subdirectory nest, for instance / Dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4/dir5/dir6/page.html.

2. uses the catalog name that does not have any relations with webpage content.

3, the conjugate of a documentation that is you is exclusive the URL of version

Can avoid the webpage that the user comes to those who visit you through URL of a version, actually the URL of other version also can visit this piece of webpage, (Simple for it is a piece of webpage has the different network address of two above to be able to visit it however, translator is noted) the credit rate of the content between such can dispersive URLs. When compose builds webpage structure or interior is linked so you should notice these issues. If you discover what visit through different URLs people is OK really,be identical content however, install 301 deciding all along to change those URLs that are not first selection to dominant URL to come up again is a very good solution. In this one pace you may return is to must avoid:

1. child domain name and root catalog (for instance: What the webpage in Domain.com/page.htm And Sub.domain.com/page.htm) visits is identical content however.

2. is jumbly in your in-house link structure contain Www. URLs version and do not contain Www. URLs version (you can be in to Google character the setting in the website manager tool of Google lets Google show a kind of version in search result only, translator notes) .

3. is used in your URLs a few strange uppercase. (A lot of users prefer the URLs of the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral, they remember in that way word more easily also your network address) (origin: Rich guest translates Google website administrator: Hedge daydream is recorded)