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Make full use of Description yuan label label

The Description description label of a piece of webpage can give Google and other search engine a paragraph of summaries that place of this piece of page involves content. Webpage Title may be a few words or a phrase, but the Description label of the page may be a sentence or a brief paragraph.

Tool of Google website manager offers a convenient Content Analysis Section (be versed in in Google website administrator actually – console – breakdown is diagnosed – inside content analysis, translator is noted) , it can tell you what Description label became short perhaps grew, was to repeat even too much. (the information that it can show <title> ticket likewise) . Resemble <title> label same, description label is put in the <head> label content of documentation of your webpage HTML likewise.

The Description of the home page of our website gives know clearly website offerred service or product content in label.

If because Google may regard a search as them,the extract of your webpage content is summarized in the result,Description Meta label is weighed. Those who need an attention is here because if webpage content can match the keyword of the user more,inquire,using a possibility is if, google perhaps can choose your webpage to see the one share of content.

Same, if your website was listed to be in,open type catalog (Open Directory Project) if, google also may use your Description Meta label here. (the data that how understanding prevents to search engine to show ODP) . For you each pieces of webpage adds Description Meta label to be able to prevent Google to cannot find usable indication part from your page content, rich guest has website manager an article is to tell what how improve content extract to choose through Description Meta label.

Content extract appears below the caption that searchs a result, on former network address.

User with [when Baseball Cards] inquires

First our appear as a result, among them content of Description Meta label regarded content as extract.

If there is an user in content extract,the keyword of inquiry is met with thick substance word Gao Liang shows. Whether is the webpage that this gives an user to judge you the clue that he should seek. Another example is below, what included a literary works this from an itself is deeper extract of content of result of search of the extraction in the Description Meta label of administrative levels webpage.

The user inquires [when Rarest Baseball Cards]

This our more deep-seated page appears in searching a result, and content of its exclusive Description Meta label was used as result extract.

Experience of actual combat of Description Meta label

One, the content of accurately wraparound webpage writes a paragraph of description to be able to provide pertinent information already, can draw the attention of the user again. Had better avoid nevertheless:

1. wrote a paragraph of description to do not have any connection with webpage content however.

2. is used made a characterization, e.g. This Is A Webpage or Page About Baseball Cards.

3. describes content with keyword fill merely.

All content in duplicate and stickup documentation go to 4. in Description Meta label.

2, the Description content with the different page that adds exclusive descriptive content to differ for each pieces of page will conduce to user and Google, there are you in the result especially when below the domain name many webpages (for example: With Site:oInquire inside Perator< domain name, there is specific specification in skill of 101 Google search, translator is noted > search) . If your website has thousand to go up even the page of 10 thousand, the hand is moved add Description Meta label to appear not quite feasible. If encounter this kind of situation, you can try to generate content of Description Meta label automatically according to webpage content. Still must avoid nevertheless:

All pages or the content of Description Meta label with one pile common and identical webpage (origin: Rich guest translates Google website administrator: Hedge daydream is recorded)