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Write nice link text version

Anchorage text (link text) it is a kind of character that can click, after the user clicks it, can be taken the link of another piece of webpage, it is placed to be in anchorage label.

This anchorage text described us well and truly the content of page of a piece of article.

This character tells Google you want to link the content of the webpage. The link on your webpage may be the link inside the station (point to page of your website other) also may be the link outside the station (the content) that points to other website. Anyway, use anchorage text version weller, the user also jumps over easy navigation, google knife understands you more easily to will point to the content of the page.

About linking the actual combat experience of text

The anchorage text version that you choose for the link should offer the character that 1. chooses to depict a sex at least the basic message of those pages that be pointed to. Just need to avoid:

Write a few very common anchorage scripts, perhaps click here e.g. page, article.

With a few characters that do not build tone to perhaps do not have any connection with the page that be pointed to with the theme.

Abundantly uses link address to serve as anchorage text directly.

2. anchorage text wants as far as possible brief often use a few words or phrase will come true smallish the anchorage text version that has descriptive sex however. Just want to avoid:

Write anchorage text version too longly, grow with for example sentence it is a paragraph of word even.

3. standard your link, make they can be identified to want to let an user distinguish anchorage text and common text easily by very easy ground come. If user oversight those are linked or just click them accidentally, become do not have much great sense. Be in charge of only such, you still should notice possibly evasive:

With CSS or the link that literal style will come to to let you looks and as good as of common written language.

4. also should consider to use anchorage text version for the link inside the station you often may be met only the link that considers those to link exterior website, but the flower on the anchorage text version that is used on the link inside the station in those nods time to be able to help user and Google more the website that browses you conveniently. Need to avoid likewise:

It is special to search engine in anchorage text keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases perhaps uses very long written language.

Found those a few pairs of users that browse your website to helped the link that does not have. (origin: Rich guest translates Google website administrator: Hedge daydream is recorded)