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Label of caption of appropriate use Heading

Heading label can present the content structure of a piece of webpage very well to the user. (Please not the label its and HTML or HTTP head is promiscuous. Article interpreter also will use English Heading only, lest everybody is misunderstood, translator is noted. ) the Heading Tags that they are size of 6 kinds of different written languages, character from big decrescent, and weight also is reduced ceaselessly.

A new implied meaning was included on a piece of webpage, we put the name of the website possibly in label, and put the thematic name of the article in label.

Because of Heading label the most typical good is to be able to let a few characters in a piece of webpage become want than common text a few bigger, the user can realize these content are some more serious very intuitionisticly, very easy also understanding is below these Heading characters the property of content and sort. The purpose of the Heading of many different measurement is the structure that establishs to administrative levels feels for your content, so that the user can browse your documentation content easily.

Heading label optimizes actual combat experience

1. tries to imagine you are writing an outline to add Heading label for certain and specific content very resembling is write outline for a piece of very big page, a few main viewpoints or child when the place of the viewpoint needs to add a few think of a way, using Heading label is the pattern that fits very much. Just want to avoid:

Structure of content of a few pairs of definitions is placed to do not have the character of any helps in Heading label.

Should be used and (be similar to Heading label, basically be aimed at the certain content in common written language nevertheless, can add to the character on CSS style thick, translator is noted. ) Heading label is used blindly however when the effect is better.

The Heading label that sets distinct size at will and oversight the logic of content.

2. should use Heading label to use Heading label in significant moment only moderately. If there is ticket of too much Heading on a piece of webpage, very difficult whole holds the user its content, where distinguishing very hard thereby is to begin, where be an end. Want to avoid so:

Heading spreads all over whole webpage.

All characters that get on the page are put in Heading label.

For literal style (size, degree of finish) just use Heading label, and the essence that did not realize Heading label is to present content structure. (origin: Rich guest translates Google website administrator: Hedge daydream is recorded)