Cereal song government optimizes a proposal: Dynamic network address and static network address

Core clew: This is one comes from at Chinese website administrator of rich guest optimize an article, compared with a lot of searches optimize Great Masters to tell come out optimize means to have authority more, this ability is true SEO proposal, SEO of and rather than is cogged.

This kind of case appears via regular meeting when be being communicated with network manager, a few wide the concept that is transmission may be in past is correct, but likelihood already no longer the condition with current suit. Be in recently when us plant about this is being come up against when the structure of network address with refer of a few friends circumstance. Among them a friend worries about those who use voice network address to use very much, think to search engine to cannot handle dynamic network address even. Another friend feels dynamic to network address alls alone the problem is not completely for engine to search, those are bygone. Still one says he is done even do not know dynamic network address and photograph of static network address to be distinguished than what having. To us, this makes we decide to want to study dynamic network address and static network address well momently this topic. Above all, let us limit the subject that we should discuss:

What is static network address?

Network address of a static state, just as its name implies, it is a network address that won’t produce change, it does not include any network address parameter normally. For example: / Archive/january.htm. You can input Filetype:h in search casingTml searchs static network address on Gu Ge. The page that updates this sort network address can expend time quite, become especially when information content growth is very rapid, because each alone page must be changed,compile code. This also is why website administrator people handling large, the website that often updates, resemble guest of community of online shopping website, forum, rich or when content management system, can use the account of dynamic network address.

What is dynamic network address?

If the content of a website stores at a database, and show a page according to asking to come, can use dynamic network address at this moment. Below this kind of circumstance, the content that the website provides basically is based on pattern plate form. Normally the circumstance falls, a dynamic network address looks like such: / P/google-checkout-php-sample-code/issues/detail? Id=31. Can you resemble through searching? Such = symbol identifies a dynamic network address. Dynamic network address has a drawback is different network address can have identical content. Bring about different user so likelihood catenary to the network address that contains different parameter, but these network address contain identical content however. This also is why network manager wants to rescript these dynamic network address occasionally one of reasons of static network address.

Should I let my dynamic network address is a static state it seems that?

When handling dynamic network address, hope you can know the following fact:

1, should be generated correctly and safeguard what change network address to the static state from dynamic network address to rescript change is a very bad thing actually.

2, will primitive dynamic network address offers us to be able to compare safety, let us handle such as to explore the issue of the parameter that with escape those have a problem please.

3, if you want to rescript network address, invite those needless parameter, maintain the pattern of its trends network address please at the same time.

4, if you want to supply network address of a static state,replace dynamic network address, so you generate corresponding static content should cogently.

Static state and dynamic network address, to which does Googlebot identify weller?

We had come up against administrator of a lot of websites, the friend that resembles us in that way, the network address that thinks the static state perhaps is a static state it seems that is mixed to the index of the website the rank has an advantage. This kind of view is to be based on a such hypothesis, think to search engine to contain conversational label in capture and analysis namely (Session ID) track with origin implement (Source Tracker) there is a problem when network address. However, the fact is, gu Ge had the progress that comparative in these two respects. With respect to the hit, static network address is likely appreciably has some of advantage, because the user can understand this network address easily. But, with respect to index and rank, website of drive of service data library does not mean clear inferior position. For the network address that concealing parameter quite is a static state in order to make they look, we hope the website offers dynamic network address search engine directly more.

Now, those who let us watch network address of a few concerned trends is wide the view that is transmission, and come correct the hypothesis of administrator of website of a few becloud. : )

Fabulous: Dynamic network address cannot by capture.

Fact: We are OK capture trends network address and the parameter with different explanation. If you look like be a static state to let network address, and conceal those to be able to be offerred to Gu Ge valuable the parameter of information, do the capture that can give this network address instead and rank to bring a trouble so. Our proposal is: Do not change a dynamic network address please format be a static state in order to make its look. Use static network address as far as possible to show static content is desirable, but below the case that decides to show dynamic content in you, do not conceal parameter making they are looked like thereby is a static state please, because such doing,can delete us to analyse the useful information of network address.

Fabulous: The parameter of dynamic network address wants little at 3.

Fact: The amount to parameter was not limitted. But, a good experience isThe network address that does not let you is too long(this applies to all network address, be a static state no matter still is dynamic) . You are OK take out a few not important to Googlebot parameter, give an user an a bit more good-looking dynamic network address. If you cannot decide can take out what parameter, we suggest you offer all parameter in dynamic network address us, our system can figure out which a few it is not important. Conceal parameter the network address that can affect us to analyse you correctly, we also cannot identify these parameter, a few important information also may be lost accordingly.

Below a few it is we think you may be put in interrogative a few problems.