Cereal song government: Let rubbish leave a message the website that is far from you and user

Assume you had been on your website open up a forum, perhaps activationed to comment on a function on your rich guest. You planned 9 cards meticulously, clicked refer pushbutton, begin screen to live next the arrival that breath awaits to comment on.

The comment came really. Your Bo Youfa expressed friendly comment, the online role that you play acted the ally of game to send new message, millie aunt hair came to what dine together in the evening on Thursday remind but at the same time you still are received additional something a few things that allow you to headache. For instance a few advertise the advertisement information that gets give an extravagantly colourful description, the information of farfetched not know what is said, still have a few exposed pictures even. Such OK saying, the rubbish that you had been immersed in dreariness leaves a message in.

Rubbish leaves a message is harmful to you, because it accentuated your working load. Rubbish leaves a message also is harmful to your user, because they just come,your website searchs the content that be interested, and the attention that the content of these wide of the mark can affect them only. Rubbish leaves a message also is harmful to whole network, because it makes website administrator people the website that dare not open oneself easily, the point of view that this gives people to publish this freely on forum and rich guest brought inconvenience.

So regard a website as the administrator, what can you do?

Note: The settlement below method is a very good start, but the likelihood is not overall solution. There are a lot of different rich settle or live in a strange places on Internet, forum and BBS, we provide detailed guidance impossibly to system of avery kind of, it is more extensive and general settlement below method.

Ensuring is right person is not the machine leaves a message on your website

1, add an input test and verify to pile up link (CAPTCHA) . CAPTCHA asks the user reads a paragraph of vague written language to input corresponding character, this kind of method can the other side of test and verify is true mankind or machine program after all. If your rich guest or forum do not have link of embedded test and verify, you can use Recaptcha this plug-in unit. Link of test and verify can not solve all problems, but it checks rubbish leaves a message effectively the savage behavior of maker. You can understand the CAPTCHAS of more type, but remembering please is to add merely so a link, can have very big effect.

2, prevent doubtful action. A lot of forum allow your setting twice to post the smallest time-interval between. You also can carry installation plug-in unit, those come from monitoring the unusually enormous flow at same IP address or Proxy, come from the unusual action that at machine program is not the person that the mankind is visited more possibly with etc.

Use filter automatically system

1, prevent through joining a few keywords blacklist to be able to help you a few apparent leave a message impertinently. The person that rubbish is made people the term that occasionally can intended faintness uses, so this method also is not all-purpose, nevertheless you also might as well try.

2, use the plug-in unit that can delete rubbish automatically to leave a message or systematic character. Rubbish maker people the means that uses voluntary program comes harrass your site, why we also don’t protect ourselves then with automatic means? Resemble Akismet (the plug-in unit that a lot of is aimed at rich guest and forum) such system and TypePad Antispam (open a source and compatible Akismet) , install very easily, can help you complete major work.

3, if possible word, you can try to use Bayesian to filter option. The system that trains you identifies rubbish to leave a message may cost you energy of a few time, but this kind of skill applies already successfully at rubbish mail at present.

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